Members of the Jogbahn Clan

Liberia: land grabbing for palm oil? NO means NO!

The Jogbahn Clan in Liberia is fighting to keep the palm oil company EPO from clearing its land without permission. Add your voice to our petition to tell EPO that the world is watching. NO means NO!

Action Alert
A man dwarfed by the roots of a giant tree

Tasmania's World Heritage forests are safe

In an unprecedented move, the Australian government sought to have UNESCO World Heritage protection removed from 74,000 hectares of pristine Tasmanian forest. Following a worldwide storm of protest, the UNESCO put a stop to the plan.

A gorilla with the caption, "Thanks, humans"

Victory for the mountain gorillas

Things are looking up for the mountain gorillas: British oil company SOCO International plc announced today that it is abandoning its plans to explore for oil in Virunga National Park. The company is also calling off its oil exploration in Lake Edward.