Biofuelwatch protest outside Drax AGM in London

If you are in or near London, please join Biofuelwatch at a protest outside the Drax AGM next Wednesday, 23rd April, starting 12 noon (outside the Grovers' Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD).


Activists criticize IPCC support for "false solutions"

Today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its "Summary for Policy Makers”. Climate, energy and social justice groups commend the IPCC for clearly acknowledging the link between economic growth and increased greenhouse gas emissions but warn that the report falls far short on translating this insight into pathways to mitigation.

Environmentalists with their protest banners in front of the city hall of Marghera, Italy

Protest against palm oil in Italy

“Stop palm oil”, “Palm oil destroys rainforests” and “Palm oil is neither organic nor sustainable” were just some of the slogans of the protest organized by Earth Riot, Zero Energy Veneto, Antispecisti Pretesi and Rainforest Rescue (Salviamo la Foresta) in front of the town hall of Marghera, near Venice. It was the first-ever demonstration against palm oil and biodiesel in Italy.