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Peru: buying rainforest for a protected area

Francisco climbing a tree This is what's at stake: rainforest near Tamshiyacu, Peru (© Magnus Arrevad) Aerial photo of clearing near Tamshiyacu, Peru Looming danger: clearing for an industrial cocoa plantation near Tamshiyacu (© York Hovest) A village in the forest In harmony with nature: the village of Tamshiyacu (© Rettet den Regenwald / Mathias Rittgerott) Residents of Tamshiyacu Reason to celebrate: this will soon be a protected area (© Angelika Kotzur) Activists of Frente patriótico in the forest Frente patriótico: together we are strong!

A cocoa corporation is currently clearing rainforest land in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon for a vast industrial plantation – against the will of local villagers. They want to rescue their environment and urgently need our support to buy rainforest land for a protected area. Let's help them keep the land out of the hands of the cocoa barons.

The remote village of Tamshiyacu lies deep in the Amazon rainforest – the river is its only link to the outside world. For generations, its residents have lived in and with the forest, planting fruits and vegetables on small plots along its edges. It was enough for a simple, sustainable life.

But in May 2013, everything changed for Tamshiyacu’s families: Cacao del Norte Peru, a plantation company, started clearing nearby rainforest for an industrial-scale cocoa monoculture.

In response, the people of Tamshiyacu devised a solution to limit the destruction caused by the plantation – they want to buy rainforest land and have it legally recognized as a protected area.

A donation of ten euros is enough to purchase and protect up to 300 square meters of Amazon rainforest. That includes the cost of surveying and legal formalities, as well as managing, conserving and patrolling the protected area.

The residents of Tamshiyacu are working with local environmentalists and the Frente patriótico smallholders’ advocacy group to realize the project. El Puente, an association based in Peru and Germany, is providing international support. Please give generously – your donation will have a measurable impact on preserving the Peruvian Amazon’s old-growth rainforest.

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