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Creating a new national park for Liberia’s endangered chimpanzees

A chimpanzee in Liberia Without protection, the future of Liberia’s chimpanzees is uncertain. (© Sonja Metzger / Wild Chimpanzee Foundation) Kuba, a chimpanzee, reclining in the forest and looking upward Kuba, a chimpanzee, looks pensively into the distance (© Sonja Metzger/WCF) A group of researchers and helpers with their tools in the rainforest An expedition team led by Professor Christophe Boesch (© WCF) A young chimpanzee climbing a tree in the rainforest WCF researchers know the spots favored by chimpanzees (© Karine Janmaat/WCF)

We need your support for an exciting project: together with the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, we are working to establish a new national park in Liberia's Gbi Forest. Our goal is to stake out at least 100,000 hectares as protected habitat for chimpanzees, pygmy hippos and forest elephants.

The challenge

Liberia is still has extensive areas of lush, primary rainforest that are home to large populations of chimpanzees, pygmy hippos and forest elephants. However, plantation companies, loggers and miners are pushing into this paradise.

Primatologists of the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) are working to protect the endangered apes in Gbi Forest in the heart of the country.

The solution

In neighboring Côte d’Ivoire, conservationists succeeded in protecting a huge forest area for the chimpanzees. Tai Forest was declared a national park thanks to a partnership of local residents, researchers and authorities.

We want to apply the experiences gained there to Gbi Forest in Liberia. Funded by initial donations, researchers have begun to study the forest in detail. They were pleasantly surprised: the area that could be declared a national park is larger than the hoped-for 100,000 hectares!

Further expeditions into the dense rainforest will be needed to stake out the widest possible boundaries for the protected area. Local rangers are being trained for the studies, and to subsequently guard the forest.

Your donation will help secure the habitat of chimpanzees, pygmy hippos and forest elephants. Please give generously!

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