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Sumatra: planting trees for the future

Aerial view of a river in the Leuser Ecosystem A river in the Leuser Ecosystem (© Paul Hilton) Forest elephant mother and calf in Leuser Ecosystem The Leuser Ecosystem provides habitat for forest elephants... (© Paul Hilton) Sumatran rhino ...and Sumatran rhinos. (© Konrad Wothe)

Roads, oil palm plantations and poachers are eating away at Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem, the last true paradise on the planet. Orangutans, forest elephants, tigers and rhinos face a shrinking habitat. But now, activists are transforming 500 hectares of cleared land back into lush forest. Please help them with a generous donation.

The Leuser Ecosystem must not perish! It's the only place in the world where orangutans, forest elephants, tigers and rhinos live side by side. Yet it's dying by a thousand cuts as loggers, palm oil companies and poachers eat away at the forest.

But there is hope: the ecosystem as a whole is not lost, and wounds can heal. Activists of the Indonesian environmental NGO Forum Konservasi Leuser want to plant 100,000 seedlings of native tree species over the next four years. Under the cover of the new trees, countless plants and animals are naturally taking back the terrain. 500 hectares of ravaged land will once again be covered by lush greenery in the foreseeable future.

Idealism alone is not enough to sustain the backbreaking work of this project: for every hectare reforested, the NGO needs €400 for seedlings and the crew that is planting and caring for the young trees. Please give generously and help preserve the Leuser Ecosystem, the last true paradise on the planet.

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