Humboldt penguin

Speak out for Chile's Humboldt penguins!

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The breeding grounds of the endangered Humboldt penguin off the northern coast of Chile are in danger: a mining company is planning an industrial port in the area to ship iron ore. Chilean environmentalists are working to establish a protected area, and they need your signature to help save the penguins’ home!

Elephant eating grass

Keep roads out of Sabah's elephant forest!

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Demand for ivory is a grave threat to Sabah’s pygmy elephants. Yet Malaysia is building new roads deep into their habitat that will make life much easier for poachers, loggers and palm oil companies. Tell the Malaysian government to stop the construction NOW.

Godwit and EU flag

Tell the EU to prevent a Silent Spring!

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Nature in Europe is on the ropes, with one third of all species currently threatened. Numerous birds and butterflies are on the verge of disappearing, yet the European Commission is about to sacrifice nature to business interests by “fitness checking” its bird and habitat directives. Tell the EU to put conservation first!

Guiana dolphins

Speak out for Rio's endangered dolphins!

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The Atlantic off Rio de Janeiro is home to a dwindling population of Guiana dolphins. They urgently need protection – if they continue drowning in fishing nets at the present rate, they will be wiped out in a few short years. Tell Brazil’s policymakers that the world is looking toward Rio and demands an end to the killing. 

An African elephant

Tell the EU to stop aiding ivory traffickers!

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Poachers kill an African elephant every 15 minutes on average. Despite the desperate situation of these wildlife icons, the EU opposes a total ban on ivory sales that would be crucial to elephants' survival. Tell the EU not to make itself an accessory to criminal gangs of poachers and ivory traffickers.

A pair of bare feet bound with chains and a padlock

Jailed for resisting Big Palm Oil: release the MALOA Six!

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Six people were sentenced to several months in prison in a protracted show trial in Sierra Leone for protesting the loss of their land and livelihoods to Socfin, a multinational palm oil company. Tell the Sierra Leonean authorities to stop trampling the land rights of local communities for corporate profits!

How many more killings? stop the Agua Zarca dam!

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Environmentalists Berta Cáceres and Nelson García were murdered recently in Honduras. They led a campaign to stop the Agua Zarca dam, which would have a dramatic impact on nature and local communities. European backers dropped the project in the wake of the killings. Tell technology vendors Siemens and Voith to abandon it as well.

A herd of gnus crossing a river

Serengeti must not die: save Kenya's Mau Forest

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Mau Forest is a critical source of water for the Mara River – the lifeblood of the Serengeti ecosystem and millions of people living downstream. Inexplicably, the Kenyan government has just authorized the cutting of 17,000 hectares of this forest. Tell them that this is a grave mistake.

EIA ivory trade report

Yahoo: stop ivory trafficking NOW!

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Yahoo’s Japanese online commerce platforms are a hub for ivory from dubious sources. The internet giant is thus making itself an accomplice to the poachers that are driving the world’s elephants to extinction. Tell Yahoo to get out of the ivory business.

Humboldt penguins in Chile

Save the habitat of 26,000 Humboldt penguins!

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Chile wants to build two industrial ports in the habitat of the Humboldt penguin, endangering 13,000 breeding pairs of this vulnerable species. The first planned port has already been approved by the authorities. Local environmentalists fighting the project need international support: please sign our petition to have it scrapped.