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An indigenous woman stands in shock in front of her demolished house

Indonesia: terror and eviction for palm oil

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Aerial view of rainforest destruction

Stop the chainsaws, Mr. "Climate President"!

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Indigenous peoples of the Sarawak rainforest protesting with banners against Baram Dam

Indigenous peoples take a stand against dams

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Different species in Atiwa

Ghana’s Atiwa rainforest needs protection

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Protest against oil palm plantation

Sierra Leone: jail time for protest against palm oil

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Oil giant threatens 180,000 hectares of rainforest

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Three tigers are drinking water

Tigers threatened by Deutsche Bank

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A koala mother with her baby on a tree

Australia: The Koala's cry for help

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A refugee camp in the forest

Perenco: Oil and Violence in the Mayan Forest

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A young girl gathering oil palm fruit off the ground

Cargill: forced labor is an outrage!

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Underwater photo of a sea turtle on a reef

Malaysia: Protect the rainforest reserve and turtles

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Indigenous man in front of rainforest

Ecuador’s isolated indigenous peoples need protection

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Intact rainforest in Cambodia

Cambodia: stop the flooding of the Cardamom Forest!

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Face of orangutan child

Protect Aceh's orangutan forest!

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Two indigenous women with their children look worried

Our ancestral land is worth more than palm oil

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An unconscious orangutan is being carried on the shoulders of an activist

Orangutans – victims of “sustainable” palm oil

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Cloud forest and spectacled bear

Ecuador: Copper Mine threatens spectacled bears

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Bauxite mining in Mount Shenga in Tanzania

Stop the exploitation in the mountains of Tanzania

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A Philippine cockatoo sitting on a tree

Philippines: power plant threatens rare cockatoos

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World Bank dollars in front of a palm oil plantation

Honduras: World Bank palm oil loans linked to murders

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Inabitants of Prey Lang at a protest in Phnom Penh

Cambodia: Our rainforest needs protection

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A baby elephant standing over the body of its dead mother, touching her head with its trunk

Malaysia: pygmy elephants poisoned for palm oil

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A river of gold is flowing through the rainforest

Guiana’s living treasures are more valuable than gold

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