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An indigenous woman stands in shock in front of her demolished house

Indonesia: terror and eviction for palm oil

76,957 supporters

The consequences of soaring demand for palm oil for biodiesel are becoming increasingly brutal: 1,500 armed men demolished four indigenous settlements in Indonesia and displaced inhabitants who were not willing to surrender their land to a palm oil company. Please call on the EU stop imports of palm and soybean oil.

Aerial view of rainforest destruction

Stop the chainsaws, Mr. "Climate President"!

180,560 supporters

How can the environment minister of Peru preside over the UN Climate Summit in Lima while actively promoting rampant deforestation in his own country? Help us call him out on his hypocrisy! Please sign our petition and share it far and wide!

Indigenous peoples of the Sarawak rainforest protesting with banners against Baram Dam

Indigenous peoples take a stand against dams

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In the Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo, rainforest dwellers are speaking out against the government’s plans to build twelve mega-dams that would destroy their homes and livelihoods. The indigenous Penan people have occupied several of the building sites. Please voice your opposition to the dams to Swiss multinational ABB.

Different species in Atiwa

Ghana’s Atiwa rainforest needs protection

75,707 supporters

The Atiwa forest is one of the most extensive intact rainforest areas in West Africa, a source of food and water for five million people and home to a wealth of rare plants and animals. Yet the Ghanaian government wants to exploit the forest’s bauxite deposits. Environmentalists are calling for a national park and asking for your help.

Protest against oil palm plantation

Sierra Leone: jail time for protest against palm oil

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The Belgian-Luxembourgish consortium Socfin is establishing plantations in Sierra Leone to produce palm oil for export. The local population is standing up to intimidation and imprisonment and continuing to protest against the destruction of natural areas and land grabbing. Please support our petition.

Oil giant threatens 180,000 hectares of rainforest

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Italian oil and gas corporation Agip-Eni is building a biofuel refinery near Venice. Crude palm oil is about to be imported from Southeast Asian palm oil plantations. The capacity of 500,000 tons of biodiesel requires the deforestation of 180,000 hectares of rainforest. Please sign our petition to Agip-Eni and the Italian government.

Three tigers are drinking water

Tigers threatened by Deutsche Bank

85,829 supporters

Tiger reserves in India are under threat: Coal India wants to establish new coal mines next to landscapes that have been identified as crucial for sustaining tigers. Massive deforestations are planned. Deutsche Bank is helping the company to finance new coal mines. Please ask Deutsche Bank to cut ties with Coal India.

A koala mother with her baby on a tree

Australia: The Koala's cry for help

86,460 supporters

The cry of a koala on one of the last trees. The Australian timber industry is cutting down thousands of hectares of koala habitat. Journalists and activists have presented alarming evidence. Many koalas are killed or severely injured by huge tree harvesters. Please sign our letter of protest to the Australian government.

A refugee camp in the forest

Perenco: Oil and Violence in the Mayan Forest

63,227 supporters

The Anglo-French company Perenco operates oil wells in the Laguna del Tigre National Park in Guatemala, the largest wetland in Central America. Deprived of their basic rights, local people are even being expelled from their home areas by an army battalion that is being financed in part by the proceeds of oil exploitation.

A young girl gathering oil palm fruit off the ground

Cargill: forced labor is an outrage!

65,643 supporters

Men, women and children endure captivity, public beatings and forced labor in the plantations of the Malaysian KLK Group. Companies like U.S.-based multinational Cargill profit from KLK's cheap palm oil. Call on Cargill to stop trading in palm oil produced on former rainforest land under inhumane working conditions.

Underwater photo of a sea turtle on a reef

Malaysia: Protect the rainforest reserve and turtles

83,816 supporters

One of the last Malaysian nesting grounds of the green sea turtle is being threatened by the government’s plans to build factories. The settlement of industry would destroy the beach of Pasir Panjang and protected rainforest. Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Indigenous man in front of rainforest

Ecuador’s isolated indigenous peoples need protection

70,503 supporters

The Yasuní National Park in Ecuador is not only a unique natural treasure, it is also home to isolated indigenous peoples. The forest has been put off-limits to protect them from loggers and oil prospectors, yet enforcement measures are failing. Please support the petition to Ecuador’s government.

Intact rainforest in Cambodia

Cambodia: stop the flooding of the Cardamom Forest!

92,214 supporters

The Areng River still follows its ancient path from the Cardamom Mountains down to the valley, but plans for the construction of a hydroelectric dam threaten this unique habitat. Thousands of hectares of rainforest would be flooded. Please help prevent this destructive project: Please sign the Cambodian environmentalists' petition.

Face of orangutan child

Protect Aceh's orangutan forest!

101,139 supporters

"I live and work at the last remaining place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers live together in freedom. This unique habitat will be destroyed, however, unless our president responds to our call and steps in to save it", Indonesian environmentalist Rudi Putra says. Please speak out for Aceh's wildlife.

Two indigenous women with their children look worried

Our ancestral land is worth more than palm oil

106,585 supporters

The Philippine government plans to authorize more than 300,000 hectares of oil palm plantations on the islands of Mindanao and Palawan. The indigenous peoples are fighting back – they depend on their land and the rainforests. Palawan is a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. Please support the Aldaw Indigenous Network's petition.

An unconscious orangutan is being carried on the shoulders of an activist

Orangutans – victims of “sustainable” palm oil

336,309 supporters

The wholesale destruction of rainforests on Borneo for the palm oil plantations of Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) is threatening the survival of orangutans. BGA is a member of the RSPO – the organization issuing the label for supposedly "sustainable" palm oil. Please call for a stop to deforestation and an end to palm oil imports NOW!

Cloud forest and spectacled bear

Ecuador: Copper Mine threatens spectacled bears

73,145 supporters

There are large copper reserves underneath Ecuador’s Toisan Mountains. The government wants to turn these into money – the people, the montane rainforests as well as the spectacled bears would have to give way. The inhabitants want to preserve nature and are asking for our support: Sign the petition to President Correa

Bauxite mining in Mount Shenga in Tanzania

Stop the exploitation in the mountains of Tanzania

56,420 supporters

The land surrounding Chome in northern Tanzania is drying up. The illegal exploitation in Mount Shengena, at which bottom the village is located, is to blame for that. A dubious company is mining for bauxite with giant excavators – and destroys the water source of the entire region. Help the residents to save their land

A Philippine cockatoo sitting on a tree

Philippines: power plant threatens rare cockatoos

66,716 supporters

The Philippine cockatoo is facing extinction. Only around 1,000 of these magnificent birds remain, and the largest population can be found on Rasa, a tiny island just off Palawan in the Philippines. This location – of all places – has been chosen for a coal power plant. Please urge the Philippine authorities to stop the plans.

World Bank dollars in front of a palm oil plantation

Honduras: World Bank palm oil loans linked to murders

66,944 supporters

In 2009, the World Bank lent $15 m to Dinant, an Honduran palm oil company implicated in violent land conflicts and murders. Although the World Bank’s Ombudsman is now looking into the project, a second instalment could soon be paid to Dinant. Please tell the World Bank to cancel the loan and prevent similar loans in future

Inabitants of Prey Lang at a protest in Phnom Penh

Cambodia: Our rainforest needs protection

64,907 supporters

Cambodia's government is destroying one of the country’s natural treasures. Logging operations, plantations and mining companies are penetrating ever deeper into primeval forests. Residents of the unique Prey Lang lowland rainforest are asking for our support in their fight to have their entire forest recognized as a protected area.

A baby elephant standing over the body of its dead mother, touching her head with its trunk

Malaysia: pygmy elephants poisoned for palm oil

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14 Borneo pygmy elephants have been poisoned in the Malaysian state of Sabah. The rare animals are considered pests on the oil palm plantations that are rapidly eating into the rainforests. Please call for an immediate end to the destruction of rainforests and for the protection of the elephants.

A river of gold is flowing through the rainforest

Guiana’s living treasures are more valuable than gold

62,602 supporters

The French government has authorized the mining of gold in the Guiana Amazonian Park in French Guiana. By issuing the mining concession, Paris is not only ignoring the interests of the park’s inhabitants and the national park administration, but also violating national law. Please support the protest the rainforest advocates