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Forest canopy in Yasuní National Park, Ecuador

Stop oil drilling in Ecuador's Yasuní National Park!

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Ecuador’s government is about to issue yet another oil drilling license in Yasuní National Park – one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and home to uncontacted indigenous people. Please speak out against this looming environmental and social disaster.

A sun bear in a cage in Sabah

Malaysia: rescue protected sun bears from a living hell

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At the Tawau Hot Springs in the Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah, two protected sun bears are being kept in tiny cages for the amusement of park visitors. Please tell the state governent of Sabah to take action against this cruelty now!

A proboscis monkey

Save the proboscis monkeys’ forest!

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BLD, a palm oil company, is destroying irreplaceable habitat and setting off a veritable carbon bomb by draining and burning 14,000 hectares of peat forest in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Local activists are calling on the state’s Chief Minister to stop this crime against the planet. Please lend them your voice.

Haze and fire on drained peatland at the Pt PEAK plantation, Katingan, C-Kalimantan

Indonesian haze: no oil palms on peat! Revoke PT PEAK’s license NOW

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Fires continue to ravage Indonesia’s peatlands, yet the government is permitting PT PEAK, a palm oil company, to destroy a valuable peat dome currently under restoration. Tell the Indonesian government to revoke PT PEAK’s license and ensure that this won’t happen again!

A man being interviewed with a burning rainforest in the background

Forest fires in Indonesia: stop the corporate arsonists!

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“The forests have been burning for weeks – our children are dying, people and animals are fleeing the flames and birds are falling from the skies.” According to Nordin of the NGO Save our Borneo, palm oil and paper companies are systematically torching the rainforests. “The government needs to shut them down at once.”

A heavy tractor dragging a tree trunk out of the forest

EU: ban the import of blood timber NOW!

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Lush rainforest covers much of the Central African Republic. Yet civil war and illegal logging are taking their toll, with brutal militias funding their operations by collecting protection money from criminal loggers. Most of the illicit timber is destined for Europe. Call on the EU to ban imports of blood timber from CAR.

sand demonstration

Singapore is dredging our home away: hands off our sand!

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Sand is a valuable, increasingly scarce resource. Singapore, the world’s largest sand importer, is fueling its building and land reclamation boom by dredging away neighboring countries’ beaches, riverbeds and whole islands. Cambodian fishermen and their families are protesting the destruction and three activists have now been jailed.

Photo montage of Sarawak Report’s Clare Rewcastle Brown and a forest being cleared

Stop Malaysia’s crackdown on courageous environmental activist

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Malaysia has issued a warrant for the arrest of investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown. Her “crime”: exposing the unholy alliance of the timber mafia and highest levels of government. Tell Malaysia to fight environmental destruction, not the courageous individuals who bring the truth to light!

Farmers protesting at a Socfin plantation in Cameroon

Cameroon: NO to land grabbing for palm oil!

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6,000 small farmers and their families in Cameroon have had their livelihoods wiped out by Socfin, a Luxembourg-based company that grabbed their land for plantations. Please tell Socfin and major shareholder Bolloré to respect their rights and return their land.

A poacher posing with a dead fishing cat

India: stop fishing cat poaching now!

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The fishing cat is a sleek, stealthy predator at home in mangrove forests and marshlands in South Asia. Habitat loss and poaching have cut their numbers in half in less than two decades. Tell the Indian forest authorities to finally give it the protection it deserves!

A plantation in Brazil

Tell the United Nations: Plantations are NOT forests!

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At the UN's World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa in September, policymakers, industry and others will debate the 'sustainable future' of forests and people. But there can be no sustainable future until the UN and governments accept that industrial tree plantations are crops that have nothing in common with real forests.

Cecil the lion murdered: End trophy hunting now!

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Hunters are responsible for the barbaric killing of thousands of animals in Africa. Yet the United States and the EU still permit the import of animal parts as trophies. Please call on them to protect animals by banning trophy imports. It’s time to put an end to this perverse “sport”!

Two brown bears in a forest clearing

Romania: stop the assault on Europe's last pristine wilderness

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Bears and wolves still prowl the ancient forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Yet their days are numbered: organized criminals are illegally clear-cutting entire hillsides to supply European timber companies. Tell the Romanian environmental ministry to put a stop to the destruction.

A bonobo in a tropical forest

Deforestation for chocolate? No thanks!

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Illegal cocoa farms are eating away at protected forests in Côte d’Ivoire and destroying the habitat of primates. Chimpanzees and several monkey species have all but disappeared from the Dassioko Sud and Port Gauthier reserves. Please call on the Ivoirian government to set up a ranger program to police the protected areas effectively.

A juvenile African elephant

Dead elephants: Tanzania's censors hush up the massacre

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NGOs operating in Tanzania are bracing for the big chill: draconian new laws will criminalize activists for disseminating anything the government deems inconvenient or embarrassing – including reports implicating government officials in wildlife crime. Call on President Kikwete to repeal the laws now.

Traditional Sami with reindeer

Finland: it's time to recognize the rights of indigenous people!

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The Saami of northern Europe are facing threats from all sides. Timber, pulp and mining companies are crowding into their ancestral land, clearing the boreal forests and destroying their livelihoods. Enough is enough: tell Finland to finally adopt the International Convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ILO 169).

A young rhino and an adult standing in the savannah

Take a stand for South Africa’s rhinos!

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South Africa’s rhinos are on the brink – the government wants to legalize trade in rhino horn in an attempt to curb poaching. When this was tried in the past with ivory, a massacre ensued. Please tell the South African government to abandon this wildly misguided proposal.

Jaguar surrounded by vegetation

Jaguars or cattle? Hands off the Los Chimalapas rainforest

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Los Chimalapas, one of Mexico’s last rainforests, is the home of the indigenous Zoque people. They have a long history of defending their forest and its biodiversity against outsiders, but now loggers and cattle ranchers are crowding in while politicians turn a blind eye. Please tell the Mexican government that enough is enough.

Indigenous Mundurukú people protesting

Brazil wants to fell millions of trees for aluminum – we say NO!

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Millions of trees are due to be axed in Amazônia to make way for dams to generate electricity for mines and aluminum smelters. But the indigenous Mundurukú people aren’t taking the destruction of their ancestral land lying down – and neither should we. Please speak out against this misguided project!

Eucalyptus trees planted in straight lines on the industrial plantation of a Brazilian paper company

Brazil: stop the Frankentrees!

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South American environmentalists and smallholders are sounding the alarm: genetically engineered eucalyptus trees are ready to leave the laboratory and be planted on vast industrial plantations in Brazil – all that’s missing is the government’s green light. Please speak out before it’s too late.

Photo montage with two Topmodel writing pads and a cleared rainforest area in the background

Axing the rainforest for stationery?

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Top Model, Horses Dreams, and Let’s Party are the names of just a few of the stationery products that Depesche sells in the UK, Ireland and around forty other countries. The company's dirty secret: repeated analyses have shown that its paper contains fiber from old-growth rainforest trees. Tell Depesche to clean up its act!

Javier Ramírez standing in front of rainforest plants

Ecuador: NO to mining in the rainforest #LibertadparaJavierRamirez

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The beautiful cloud forests of Ecuador’s Intag region have a fatal flaw – they are standing on a deposit of copper ore. Villagers opposed to plans for a giant open-cast mine are being harassed and criminalized. Community leader Javier Ramírez has been jailed on fabricated charges for ten months. Please call for his immediate release.

A young African elephant hugging its mother with its trunk

Zimbabwe: stop trafficking in baby elephants!

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36 baby elephants were recently rounded up in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park for sale to private zoos and circuses abroad. Their chances of survival without their mothers are very slim. Please speak out against this cruel trade and call for the elephants to be returned to their herds.

Sloth in tree, nibbling on a leaf

Pygmy sloths: here today, extinct tomorrow?

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It's hard to imagine a more disarming creature than the pygmy sloth. About half the size of a cat and completely helpless against human predation, it is one of the world's most endangered mammals. Tell the Panamanian authorities to protect them NOW.