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Forest canopy in Yasuní National Park, Ecuador

Stop oil drilling in Ecuador's Yasuní National Park!

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A sun bear in a cage in Sabah

Malaysia: rescue protected sun bears from a living hell

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A proboscis monkey

Save the proboscis monkeys’ forest!

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Haze and fire on drained peatland at the Pt PEAK plantation, Katingan, C-Kalimantan

Indonesian haze: no oil palms on peat! Revoke PT PEAK’s license NOW

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A man being interviewed with a burning rainforest in the background

Forest fires in Indonesia: stop the corporate arsonists!

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A heavy tractor dragging a tree trunk out of the forest

EU: ban the import of blood timber NOW!

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sand demonstration

Singapore is dredging our home away: hands off our sand!

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Photo montage of Sarawak Report’s Clare Rewcastle Brown and a forest being cleared

Stop Malaysia’s crackdown on courageous environmental activist

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Farmers protesting at a Socfin plantation in Cameroon

Cameroon: NO to land grabbing for palm oil!

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A poacher posing with a dead fishing cat

India: stop fishing cat poaching now!

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A plantation in Brazil

Tell the United Nations: Plantations are NOT forests!

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Cecil the lion murdered: End trophy hunting now!

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Two brown bears in a forest clearing

Romania: stop the assault on Europe's last pristine wilderness

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A bonobo in a tropical forest

Deforestation for chocolate? No thanks!

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A juvenile African elephant

Dead elephants: Tanzania's censors hush up the massacre

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Traditional Sami with reindeer

Finland: it's time to recognize the rights of indigenous people!

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A young rhino and an adult standing in the savannah

Take a stand for South Africa’s rhinos!

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Jaguar surrounded by vegetation

Jaguars or cattle? Hands off the Los Chimalapas rainforest

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Indigenous Mundurukú people protesting

Brazil wants to fell millions of trees for aluminum – we say NO!

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Eucalyptus trees planted in straight lines on the industrial plantation of a Brazilian paper company

Brazil: stop the Frankentrees!

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Photo montage with two Topmodel writing pads and a cleared rainforest area in the background

Axing the rainforest for stationery?

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Javier Ramírez standing in front of rainforest plants

Ecuador: NO to mining in the rainforest #LibertadparaJavierRamirez

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A young African elephant hugging its mother with its trunk

Zimbabwe: stop trafficking in baby elephants!

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Sloth in tree, nibbling on a leaf

Pygmy sloths: here today, extinct tomorrow?

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