Protest against irresponsible soy - Vote against climate subsidy for Monsanto

Nov 30, 2009

Together with Toxic Soy, we sent 10.500 mails to the Dutch Government. This way we give 'responsible' soy the bad name it deserves. The Dutch Ministers Verburg and Koenders replied that they realise the RTRS has a long way to go, but they do see progress and keep supporting it. They don't want to accept that growing (GM) crops with massive use of herbicides can never be responsible. Soy export from South-America as animal feed for pigs and poultry in Europe can in itself never be responsible. Real solutions can be found in growing animal feed in Europe, strongy reducing the meat-industry and supporting the affected communities.

The signatures to the Dutch Government have been handed over officially to Mrs.Verburg on november the 25th.

You find here a short report.

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Next week the climate summit COP 15 in Copenhagen is about to start. Large scale agriculture depends on a massive input of fuel, fertilizer and pesticides and strongly contributes to climate change. Meat industry and transport of animal feed and agrofuels makes it even worse. This is not necessary, concludes an intensive study by 400 scientist from many countries. In the so called IAASTD report they show that use of existing techniques for organic agriculture can feed the world, even in 2050, by mostly local food production. Without toxins, without GMOs, in respect for people, nature and planet. They strongly advise a paradigm change in agriculture. Trade and Industry don't listen and choose to continue business as usual. Monsanto demands climate subsidy for Roundup Ready soy - supported by WWF and RTRS. Spraying herbicides instead of tilling is supposed to reduce carbon emissions. Nice PR, but without taking all the negative impacts into account. We strongly object to this kind of false climate solutions. For that reason we have nominated Monsanto and the RTRS for the worst Climate Lobby Award in Copenhagen.

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Tjerk Dalhuisen
Guadalupe Rodríguez