REPORT: Agrofuels & the Myth of the Marginal Lands

Sep 10, 2008

A critical look at proposals for agrofuel crops to be planted on lands that are considered "idle" or "wastelands". In most cases, these "marginal lands'" are vital for the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, pastoralists, women and indigenous peoples.

"We strongly challenge the myth that there is plenty of free land, going spare, in Africa. 70% of Africa’s land is still communally owned. This makes us particularly vulnerable to biofuel developments that seek to privatise land and remove communities from their source of livelihood." (statement from the African Biodiversity Network to EU MEPs, 2008) Download a briefing on Agrofuels & the Myth of the Marginal Lands , and the dangers of how policy-makers are defining “marginal” lands.

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