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Silver for the global market, destruction for the Huicholes in Mexico

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Mining companies are cashing in on a bonanza thanks to record high silver prices. The economic benefits to a Canadian mining company, however, do not justify the destruction of Sierra de Catorce in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, a site of great cultural and spiritual importance to the Native American Huichol (Wixarika) people. Please sign a letter to the Mexican government to demand and end to this mining project and a moratorium on all mining activities in the area.

Philippines: Palm oil and mining threaten Palawan Island, a UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve

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Indigenous peoples and rural communities are facing the destruction of their livelihoods as natural forest on Palawan island, Philippines is being destroyed for palm oil and mining while other traditional food zones and non timber forest products reserves are being replaced by oil palm plantations. Palawan is part of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve programme, with 49 animal and 56 plant species listed by IUCN as globally threatened. Please sign a petition against the destruction of indigenous peoples' farmlands and rainforests by nickel mining and palm oil expansion.

fire in the forest at night

Ikea: Stop palm oil candles and save the habitat of 130 orangutans

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The Swedish multinational IKEA sells large amounts of candles and tealights made of palm oil. The 32,000 tonnes of palm oil used for their candle production alone requires around 13,000 hectares of oil palm plantations. In Indonesia, for example, plantations of that size would result in 130 orangutans losing their habitat and probably their lives. Please lend your voice to this campaign.

Indonesia: Plan to displace coffee farmers in Jambi Province

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From Indonesia international support is requested. In the Province of Jambi in Indonesia, more than 9,000 family farmers who have settled in an abandoned forest concession of around 10,000 hectares are facing the threat of being displaced to give the land for oil palm plantations.

Palm oil for power stations in Hawaii threatens forests and communities

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HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company), the largest electricity company in Hawaii, could soon become one of the largest US importers of palm oil. They have been given permission to burn 2.56 million gallons of palm oil in two large power stations for a 'test phase' – and they want to burn far more after that. HECO's so-called 'clean energy' will mean more deforestation and land-grabbing in South-east Asia and West Africa, and more climate change. Please call on the state government of Hawaii to withdraw the permit and not to allow HECO to burn palm oil or other agrofuels.  

Gucci, Hermès, Cartier & Co.: Stop the snake slaughter in Indonesia!

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New terrifying footage reveals the cruel methods for producing leather in Indonesia. For days, lizards and snakes are kept tied up in plastic bags, until the animals are finally skinned – often while they are still alive. Primarily, reptile leather is imported by luxury fashion labels such as Gucci, Cartier, Hermès and Bally and processed further into watch bands, shoes and bags.Rainforest Rescue urges the companies to stop their commercial trading with these suppliers immediately.

No World Bank money for palm oil

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The World Bank has been investing in palm oil for 45 years. During that period, palm oil production and demand have grown manifold. Palm oil plantations cause land conflicts, rainforest destruction and the death of orangutans. By 2009, the World Bank could no longer ignore the ongoing complaints. Funding for palm oil was suspended and a new palm oil policy was announced. Now, however, the World Bank seems keen to return to 'business as usual' as far as palm oil funding is concerned.

Berlin: Vattenfall to import tropical timber for use in biomass-fired power plants

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In accordance with the Senate of Berlin, Germany, power company Vattenfall has announced plans to increase the production of energy from biomass – by employing tropical rubber wood as source material. Despite earlier schemes, biomass is needed in much larger amounts than the plants' local surroundings can provide. In order to meet the high demands, Liberia's rubber plantations are supposed to fill in – at the expense of the country's local residents as well as its rainforest stand.

Controversial gold mining project in Costa Rica: Out of Crucitas!

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At the end of 2009, the president of Costa Rica opened up the road to the questionned controversial gold mining project of Crucitas "at the tune of by executive decrees", evading in this way the forestry legislation. Several environmental organisations have been struggling for many years against open-pit gold mining. Sign today a letter addressed to the new president, asking her to veto the above mentioned decree.

Haitian peasants say: Monsanto, get out of Haiti!

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Monsanto is trying to offer the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture a fatal gift. The Haitian peasants will receive 475 tons of its seeds. This worsen the farmers’ situation. The organisations of La Via Campesina have expressed their strong disagreement and have demonstrated during the World Environment Day (Juny 4th) to say “no to Monsanto’s mortal gift which is a new earthquake hitting the agricultural sector”. They are asking for support to protect their food sovereignty. Help them today by sending a letter to the Haitian authorities.

SOS for the Galicia's native forests: No opencast mining in Pico Vello

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A planned andalusite opencast mine would occupy 277,016 square metres on the boundaries of the Fragas do Eume, a National Park which is a prime example of Atlantic forest and is one of the forest jewels of Spain. “Fraga” means forest in the Galician language and Fragas do Eume is an area of native Atlantic forest with oaks, holly, hazel, birch as well as other tree species. The biodiversity as well as the water and the health of the community will all be seriously affected. Please write to the Galician Authorities today to express your indignation and to demand the project to be stopped.

Stop Lufthansa's Agrofuel Plans

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In order to increase their ‘energy security’, Lufthansa wants to burn kerosene with agrofuels. At the end of two years of tests, up to 10% agrofuels are to be added to jet fuel. Lufthansa likes to speak about algae – not a realistic option – and jatropha, which is linked to land-grabbing, hunger and deforestation. Please call on Lufthansa to drop their agrofuel plans.

Ecuadorian Amazon: petroleum project threatens Sumaco Biosphere Reserve

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A major part of Napo Province in the Ecuadorian Amazon is designated by UNESCO as the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve. The Canadian company Ivanhoe Energy signed a contract with the Ecuadorian government to explore for petroleum in Block 20, which is situated within the reserve. The company is projected to extract between 4.5 and 7 billion barrels of petroleum from 30 or more wells. The project has not been sufficiently studied and we fear that it will have major social and environmental impacts.

Manifest to sign on: Moving towards a low carbon, energy supply solution

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Organisations and groups are invited to sign this important Manifesto for the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. Manifesto: Moving towards a low carbon, energy supply solution HOW CAN EUROPE SUPPORT THE YASUNI-ITT INITIATIVE AND THE ECUADORIAN GOVERNMENT’S DECISION TO EXTRACT OIL RESERVES IN THE YASUNI NATURAL PARK?

Multinationals enter Chiapa's Rainforest - Indigenous Communities Violently Evicted

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Indigenous communities in the Lacandon Forest in Chiapas are being violently evicted by federal police and army forces , in support of corporate plans for oil palm expansion and other activities, including tourism falsely called eco-tourism. Please write to the authorities in Mexico and in Chiapas state to support local communities’and organisations’ calls for an immediate end to the evictions and the return of evicted comunities to their land, restitution for the damage which has been caused, the prosecution of those responsible and for an end of oil palm monocultures in the area.

fire in the forest at night

When will IKEA see the light? No palm oil for candles and tea lights

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IKEA’s cheap candles are a consumer attraction. There is, however, a reason for the low price: In order to sell cheap candles and tea lights, IKEA uses palm oil and palm stearin. The company is aware of the negative consequences for the rainforest. Nonetheless, IKEA uses 32,000 tonnes of palm oil for candle wax alone. Please call on IKEA to stop using palm oil for candle wax.