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Projects of our partners on the ground

The rainforest projects of our partners line up along the equator like a string of pearls. Indigenous rainforest defenders, eco-guards and activists are in the field every day to protect irreplaceable ecosystems and the homes of Indigenous and traditional forest communities. Want to know more? Here is a selection of the more than 50 projects that we support with your donations.

The indigenous Dayak Tomun from Kinipan protesting against the clearing of their forest by the palm oil company SML

Protecting Borneo’s rainforests and empowering Indigenous people

Resisting the destruction of the ancient forest giants has made true fighters out of the activists of Save Our Borneo (SOB). Their mission is to stand in the way of palm oil companies and help Indigenous people secure urgently needed land rights.

Batwa people near Kahuzi-Biega National Park
Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Batwa people and the gorillas

On the outskirts of Kahuzi-Biega National Park, home to critically endangered gorillas, the organization CAMV is campaigning on behalf of the Indigenous Batwa people.

Mist-shrouded mountain rainforest in the Intag region of northern Ecuador

Enforcing the rights of nature in court

Mining companies have the copper and gold deposits beneath the rainforests of the Ecuadorian Andes in their sights. Our partner organization OMASNE is leading the grass-roots resistance against mining – and recently won a spectacular verdict for the rights of nature.

Sulawesi helmeted hornbill

Giving captive birds their freedom

In Indonesia, the illegal trade in birds is booming – to the point that forests are falling silent. Our partner organization FLIGHT is fighting the poachers, putting pressure on policymakers, and awakening people’s love of birds in the wild.

Matek surveying a forest

Securing the land rights of Indigenous people

Environmentalist Matek Geram is a staunch advocate of the Iban people. He is helping them defend their land rights by mapping the communities’ traditional territory.

Ka’apor people in the Amazon rainforest

The Ka’apor people: defending the Amazon rainforest

The indigenous Ka’apor are defending the last large rainforest area in the southeastern Amazon region, driving out illegal loggers and poachers.

Female Eco-Guards patrol Grebo-Krahn National Park in Liberia

Guardians of the jungle: protecting chimpanzee habitat

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives, yet we have pushed them to the brink of extinction. Preserving their habitat is a crucial part of protecting them. Conservation efforts can only succeed in close cooperation with local communities, and women are playing a key role in this work.

Papuan woman wearing a mask with the slogan “Protect the forest – the forest protects us”

Saving the rainforest of southern Papua and empowering Indigenous Papuans

The rainforests in Papua are experiencing an unprecedented onslaught of timber, palm oil and mining companies. Land grabbing and clear cutting are rife. Indigenous Papuans are losing their livelihoods as the forest disappears. The environmental and human rights organization Pusaka is mounting a defense against environmental destruction and land grabbing.

Spirituality in Guinea-Bissau

Protecting the forest with ancient rites and a radio program

In the homeland of environmental activist Lamin Seidi Cani, the forests are said to be teeming with ghosts and demons. The eerie ones are a force for good, as the spirituality of the local people is a strong driver of conservation. The power of radio has also been enlisted to the cause of nature.

Eco-Guards in the rainforest

Eco-Guards: monitoring the forest at Afi Mountain

Gorillas, chimpanzees and forest elephants still live around Afi Mountain and in Cross River National Park, a small area in eastern Nigeria. Our partner organization Devcon is dedicated to protecting the region by training Eco-Guards and helping local communities develop environmentally friendly sources of income.

Mayan ruins in Ek Balam, Yucatán

Protecting the forest with the Túumben K’óoben Indigenous women’s cooperative

The Selva Maya, or Mayan Forest, is the largest contiguous tropical forest in Central America, the habitat of jaguars and other rare wildlife. An Indigenous women's cooperative wants to buy forest plots here to stop a destructive infrastructure project and to preserve nature and their Indigenous traditions.

Maasai in Tanzania

A radio station for communities and nature

Northwestern Tanzania's wilderness is world-renowned. But for the Maasai people, this blessing is also a curse, as the government tramples on their rights in the name of “conservation”. A radio station aims to be a voice of reconciliation: People who are informed and know their rights can shape their own future and work toward living together in harmony.

Sumatran tiger

Leuser: a place for orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants

On Sumatra, our partner Forum Konservasi Leuser is working to protect one of the most biodiverse forests on the planet: The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place where elephants, tigers, orangutans and rhinos share the same habitat. Yet roads cut into the jungle are attracting poachers and illegal loggers. Our two ranger teams protect particularly vulnerable areas from the peat bogs to the mountains.

Murchison Falls, Uganda

Stopping the EACOP oil pipeline

The fossil fuel industry is not letting the climate crisis get in the way of its African oil boom: TotalEnergies is even drilling in Uganda's Murchison Falls National Park. A 1,445-kilometer pipeline is planned to connect the oil fields to the export port of Tanga. Our partner organization Tasha is educating communities about the dangers of the project and supporting those already impacted by it.

Bonobo in the forest, DR Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bonobo conservation: fostering trust with a school

Bonobos live deep in the rainforests of the Congo Basin. They are less well known than other great apes, but just as threatened. Scientists founded Bonobo Alive to protect them: The organization fights commercial poaching and supports schoolchildren in three villages on the edge of Salonga National Park so that they too can benefit from bonobo conservation.

A white-bellied spider monkey on a tree

Freedom for captive wildlife: the amaZOOnico wildlife conservation center

The amaZOOnico wildlife sanctuary in the Ecuadorian rainforest cares for wild animals confiscated by the authorities and prepares them for release into the wild. We support the release of white-bellied spider monkeys and Brazilian giant tortoises and enrichment of the 1,750-hectare Selva Viva protected forest with fruit trees.

Hornbill from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Resisting mining in Sulawesi

Mining for gold, nickel, sand and minerals is devastating the natural paradise of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The JATAM Sulteng anti-mining network is fighting back with lawsuits and campaigns.

Aerial view of dense mangrove forest. A river meanders through the forest to the coast on the horizon.

Mangroves, peat bogs, swamps: protecting Aceh’s wetlands

Our partner, the Aceh Wetland Foundation, is working to conserve and restore Indonesia's mangrove forests, peat bogs and swamps.

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