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Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar: We need our forests, not mines!

In Myanmar, activist Kyaw Soe is standing up to a mining company that is wrecking the mountain forests of his ancestral land: drainage from the mine is poisoning the lakes he and his 2,000 fellow villagers rely on for drinking water – many are sick, several have died. The villagers need our support in their fight to shut the mine down.

Orangutans in Tanjung Puting, Indonesia


Planting trees for orangutans

Indonesian environmentalist Basuki Bude Santoso has planted thousands of trees in his lifetime. For a number of years, he has been working to reforest orangutan habitat destroyed by plantation companies – including 80 hectares of land deep in Tanjung Puting National Park.

An orangutan mother carrying her baby


Borneo: orangutan rescuers need our support

On a typical day, veterinarians of International Animal Rescue (IAR) make their way through choking smoke, weighed down with medical supplies, a safety net, animal carrier and face masks. They are called out almost daily to rescue orangutans and other animals trapped by forest fires and attend to their medical needs.

A little girl cuddling a monkey in front of a cleared forest


Urgent: Palawan’s activists need our help

The situation on the Philippine island of Palawan is deteriorating: those openly opposed to the destruction of valuable ecosystems for plantations are receiving death threats. Yet the people are determined to stand up against land grabbing by agribusiness firms being backed by the government. Please help them to protect Palawan’s forests.

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