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We partner with courageous forest defenders around the world to preserve rainforests and their biodiversity, address the climate crisis and strengthen human rights. Your donation is vital to our fight to preserve and protect tropical forests.

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With your donation, you enable the work of front-line rainforest defenders – most of whom are Indigenous people or members of local communities – who courageously stand up for nature. Our work to protect endangered wildlife has a positive impact on entire rainforest ecosystems and their breathtaking biodiversity. Preserving the rainforest is also active climate protection.

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Rainforests stretch along the equator like a green belt around the planet. On each continent, the forests have their own unique flavor: Three of the four great ape species live in Africa, while orangutans are only found in Southeast Asia. In Latin America, the sheer vastness of Amazonia – home to more than 500 Indigenous peoples – is truly awe-inspiring.

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