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Support Rainforest Rescue with a donation – with your help, we actively fight for the protection of the rainforest. We raise funds for partner organizations on the ground, organize protests and work to raise awareness. Together, we can achieve even more!

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Matek Geram (SADIA) with map of illegal logging


Help the Iban people defend their ancestral forests

Activist Matek Geram works tirelessly to defend the forests of Sarawak against palm oil companies and loggers by mapping the ancestral land of indigenous peoples and suing companies that intrude on it. If the resistance cannot wait, he can be found organizing peaceful blockades to keep the loggers out. Please support his work.

Aerial view of a river in the Leuser Ecosystem


Sumatra: planting trees for the future

Roads, oil palm plantations and poachers are eating away at Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem, the last true paradise on the planet. Orangutans, forest elephants, tigers and rhinos face a shrinking habitat. But now, activists are transforming 500 hectares of cleared land back into lush forest. Please help them with a generous donation.

Boats gathering in the estuary, with small islands and the river bank in the background


Support Cambodia’s nature defenders

The Cambodian NGO Mother Nature was founded in 2012 to protect the country’s natural treasures against exploitation by the government and corporations. Relying on a network of students, monks, fishermen and farmers, the activists have had a major impact. We’re raising funds to support their continued successful work.

Two Peruvian smallholders in a clearing that will be planted with oil palms


Support the fight of indigenous people against the palm oil industry

The ancestral rainforest of the Shipibo people is in danger: palm oil companies are running roughshod over the land of the Santa Clara de Ushunya community deep in the Peruvian Amazon. The indigenous people are suing to stop the destruction of their home. Please help cover their legal costs.

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