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Your donation for the rainforest

Support Rainforest Rescue with a donation. With your support, we can continue our mission of protecting and preserving the rainforest. We put your donations to work where they are needed most urgently and have the greatest impact.

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Mighty trees draped with lianas reach for the sky. The air is abuzz with insects and countless birds, monkeys swing from the branches, jaguars roam, the rivers teem with life. The tropical rainforests are the most diverse and exciting habitats on the planet. They are home to one half of all animal and plant species and are crucial to protecting the climate and biodiversity.

Partnering with courageous and experienced people, we work every day to preserve nature. Many of our partners belong to Indigenous peoples who have lived in and with the forests for generations. It is thanks to their way of life and their knowledge that the rainforests still exist in their present form.

Rainforest conservation has many facets.

Our partners:

  • inform forest dwellers about their rights and build strong networks
  • organize resistance and protests
  • educate the public about why we need to save the rainforests
  • map the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples to obtain land titles and ensure their lasting protection
  • acquire rainforest areas to secure them
  • reforest cleared land
  • provide villagers with alternative sources of income
  • patrol the forests as Eco-Guards
  • secure evidence of illegal logging and wildlife trafficking
  • provide assistance in emergencies and legal aid in the event of unauthorized arrests

At the same time, your donation enables our work in the global North.


  • raise public awareness of rainforest destruction and the frequent associated violations of Indigenous rights
  • expose destructive projects and name the perpetrators
  • put pressure on corporations and politicians with our petitions, campaigns and protest actions
  • support rainforest projects and strengthen our partners in the tropics

With your support and the dedication of our partners on the ground, we can achieve even more!

Your donation for the rainforest

A giant toucan sitting on a branch in the rainforest

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