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Indigenous people marching in a row holding up placards with slogans such as: “Our land is our future”


Amazon summit in Brazil: Indigenous people speak out against violence

The Indigenous peoples of the Amazon region face constant threats and violence. During the Amazon summit, young Indigenous people were seriously injured by gunfire.

Ka’apor meeting in the Amazon rainforest


Study finds Indigenous Ka’apor are Brazil’s best rainforest defenders

The Indigenous Ka’apor, partners of our organization, are resisting the trend of increasing deforestation in Brazil and are sucessfully defending their forest.

Ugandan students protesting against EACOP pipeline

77,190 supporters

Uganda: Stop criminalizing pipeline protesters!

Behind bars for speaking out: Authorities in Uganda are cracking down on critics of fossil fuel projects. Nine students are awaiting trial for protesting in Kampala.

A single oak tree on a clearcut; in the background a pine plantation

62,640 supporters

EU: Don't let big polluters off the hook. Say no to carbon offsets!

Offsetting CO2 emissions is not an effective climate protection measure. Call on the EU not to certify such loopholes. We need real reductions now!

A group of 15 young people standing and kneeling in front of the Ministry of Tourism building, holding a banner to the camera. It reads “Koh Kong Island must become a marine national park”


Cambodia: Koh Kong petition handed over in Phnom Penh and Berlin

More than 133,000 people around the world signed our petition to save Cambodia’s Koh Kong island. The petition has now been delivered to the Cambodian government.

A group of people holding a banner that reads (translated): “Protect the wealth of the people! Stop the theft! Alliance Against Mining”


Philippines: Violence against peaceful blockade of illegal nickel mine

On the Philippine island of Palawan, a peaceful, authorized blockade against an illegal nickel mine was violently broken up by police and the company’s security forces.

Waves wash over a beach on Koh Kong Island, Cambodia

134,541 supporters

Cambodia: Save Koh Kong Island!

Cambodia’s largest island is virtually untouched, but now “development” is looming. Please support our Cambodian partners' call to make Koh Kong a national park.

A person among the trunks overgrown with mosses and epiphytes in a misty mountain rainforest


Ecuador: Local people triumph over copper mine

A great victory for the life, nature and biodiversity of the Intag region in Ecuador: A court finally annulled the environmental permit for a copper mine project.

Orange Guianan cock-of-the-rock

French Guiana

French Guiana: EU rejects derogation for biomass power plants in the Amazon rainforest

Thanks to united protests, the EU has rejected a derogation for the construction of biomass power plants in the rainforest of French Guiana.

Luis Quintero, president of the Barranquilla de San Javier community, together with other residents impacted by the expansion of the palm oil industry in the region

64,052 supporters

Ecuador: Stop land grabbing and racial discrimination for palm oil!

Afro-Ecuadorian communities are fighting back against the expansion of the palm oil industry and against racism and discrimination by the justice system.

Aerial view of a small village along a straight dirt road, with oil palm plantations cut into the rainforest behind it

76,821 supporters

Brazil: Stop land grabbing and violence for “fair and sustainable” palm oil!

Palm oil from the Brazilian company Agropalma is supposedly organic, fair trade and sustainable, yet many of the plantations are likely on illegally appropriated land.

Hendrikus Woro of the Awyu people


Indonesia: Violations of traditional forest rights in Papua

Indigenous people in Indonesia have a constitutional right to land. However, an example from Boven Digoel, Papua, shows how difficult it is to enforce.

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