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March to Malaysia's Parliament House to protest the Penang government’s proposed Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project

Aug 3, 2019

Malaysian federal government will look into land reclamation controversy

We have succeeded in raising the issue of land reclamation and sand mining to the Malaysian national level, thus improving our chances of lobbying for a desirable outcome.

The Woodlark cuscus, a nocturnal marsupial

187,739 supporters

Stop the deforestation of Woodlark Island!

Call on the government of Papua New Guinea to protect the sole habitat of the Woodlark cuscus – a logging company has its sights on 30,000 hectares of the island’s forest.

Hippo in Lake Naivasha

Jun 28, 2019

Hippo “cull” in Zambia canceled!

2,000 hippos in Zambia are safe! Local and international pressure prompted the Zambian government to call off the planned “cull”.

Cross River gorilla

140,200 supporters

Nigeria: keep cocoa growers out of gorilla habitat!

Gorilla habitat is shrinking day by day, and one of the main drivers is the chocolate industry. Cocoa farms are penetrating the last refuges of the endangered primates.

Torched forest and Cargill logo

119,874 supporters

Stop Cargill, the “worst company in the world”

The “worst company in the world” is Cargill, an agribusiness giant responsible for environmental destruction and human rights violations on a massive scale.

An indigenous man wearing feathers and a painted face standing in the forest with a blowpipe

477,356 supporters

Stop the assault on Earth's green lung!

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon are calling on the UN and South American governments to stop the destruction of their forest home. Please lend them your voice.

An African elephant

871,674 supporters

Ban the ivory trade – NOW!

Tons of illegal ivory are being laundered in Europe thanks to the EU’s ivory trade loopholes. Tell the EU to kill the trade – before the trade kills the last elephants!

Activist Joël Imbangola Lunea (RIAO-RDC)

146,071 supporters

URGENT: Bring the killers of Joël Imbangola Lunea to justice!

Environmental and human rights activist Mr. Joël Imbangola Lunea was beaten to death by a security guard of a palm oil company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Palm oil imports into the EU and consumption in 2018

162,778 supporters

Stop palm oil and soy biofuels NOW!

An increasing share of Europe's palm and soy oil imports is being added to diesel fuel. Speak out against the destruction of rainforests for “green” biofuels!

Masai giraffes, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

283,804 supporters

Keep loggers out of Selous Game Reserve!

Tanzanian President John Magufuli wants to clear 1,500 square kilometers of forest and savannah in a paradise for Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Orangutan in tree

May 6, 2019

UN: extinction crisis endangers us all

The current mass extinction threatens the future of humanity. Unless we take drastic action, one million species could soon vanish.

Penan and Berawan people resisting logging in Mulu forest, Sarawak, Malaysia

May 7, 2019

Malaysia: slashing Sarawak’s forests for palm oil

Cutting down timber worth $10 million without a permit? It's not an unusual occurrence in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Indonesia: police securing oil palm plantation

May 9, 2019

Indonesian police protects oil palms with guns drawn

Indonesian police is “protecting” oil palms with weapons drawn, taking brutal action against locals who want to preserve Batu Gadur forest.

Olive Ridley sea turtle

176,056 supporters

Save Malaysia's sea turtles!

Speak out for sea turtles! Please help protect marine biodiversity and Penang’s fishermen! Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

"Trainers" beating an elephant calf

162,116 supporters

Stop torturing elephants for the tourism industry!

In India and other Asian countries, elephants experience horrific abuse in the name of entertainment. Speak out for an end to cruelty to animals in the tourism industry!