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Batwa people near Kahuzi National Park

Democratic Republic of the Congo

DR Congo officially recognizes the rights of Indigenous people

The Democratic Republic of Congo has recognized the rights of Indigenous people with a new law. It remains to be seen how the law will be put into practice, however.

A group of people holding a banner opposing tree plantations

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Uganda

Environmentalists empower thousands of villagers

Protecting rainforests often happens in small ways. For example, by working to empower local people by educating them about their rights and the dangers of deforestation.

A colorful mural of plants and an indigenous woman on the walls of a small building with the inscription: “Let’s defend the water without fear”

73,437 supporters

Ecuador: Stop the mining industry’s violence against women!

Alba Bermeo Puin was five months pregnant when she and her unborn child were killed on October 22 by gunmen linked to gold miners.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

The looming threat of fossil fuel companies in Africa

The fossil fuel industry is pushing hard into Africa. In the Congo Basin alone, the endangered rainforest area is almost twice the size of Germany.

Nickel mine


From Indonesia to the G20: “Electric vehicles are a false solution to climate change”

Official Statement of the People and the Sulawesi Alliance, Indonesia, related to the G20 Summit Meeting in Nusa Dua Bali

A man working with seedlings


The “Tigers of Pining” reforest the Leuser ecosystem

The residents of the village of Pining are healing the wounds in the Leuser ecosystem. Thousands of seedlings will grow up to restore the rainforest.

Guardians of the forest

67,068 supporters

A better way to protect biodiversity: strengthening indigenous rights!

In December, the UN Conference on Biological Diversity will rule that 30 percent of the planet’s surface should be protected worldwide by 2030 – a problematic plan.

Men loading timber onto a truck


“Vanishing Forests” study names those responsible for deforestation

A study by Nigerian environmentalists analyzes the causes and names those responsible for deforestation in Nigeria’s Cross River state.

Giraffes in South Africa

Tanzania, Uganda

Speaking out makes a difference: investors shun TotalEnergies’ oil pipeline

Fossil fuel giant TotalEnergies is having problems finding banks and insurance companies for its planned EACOP oil pipeline project in eastern Africa.

Aerial view of the Amazon rainforest, river landscape


Bolsonaro voted out – but is the Amazon rainforest safe?

“We're relieved, even though Bolsonaro left Brazil divided. Now is the time to calm down, the fight goes on. It's a victory of democracy over fascism”

A smiling man at the helm of a small boat points toward the rainforest

95,486 supporters

NO to logging along the Ulu Lioh and Ulu Lijan rivers!

Rainforests on Borneo play a crucial role in the battle against climate change. The indigenous Iban people are fighting to keep loggers out of their forests.

Penan in Sarawak


Sarawak: Palm oil project off the table for good

The threat to Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia from the palm oil industry has finally been averted – a great success for the indigenous peoples living there.

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