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Cattle herd in Mato Grosso

335,514 supporters

Amazonia is burning: NO to free trade with arsonists!

Corporate arsonists are torching Amazonia for cheap beef. Let's not incentivize environmental crimes with a free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur.

Pangolin in a cage at the Riau Natural Resource Conservation Centre, Indonesia

237,899 supporters

Shut down wildlife markets NOW!

It’s time to shut down wildlife markets and their brisk business in endangered and poached animals. They are a threat to both biodiversity and human health.

Robert and local activists

Buying rainforest and reforesting oil palm plantations in Sabah

In eastern Sabah, our partners are buying plots of forest and reforesting plantation land to link the fragmented habitats of pygmy elephants and other endangered species.

A baby elephant standing over the body of its dead mother, touching her head with its trunk

374,088 supporters

Stop the death bridge in the elephant forest!

More than 350 pygmy elephants still live along the Kinabatangan river in Sabah, Borneo. Road construction and poachers are pushing into their dwindling habitat.

Montage: avocados (l.), protests in Chile

128,214 supporters

Stop water theft for avocados in Chile!

Avocado plantations in Chile are monopolizing ground water and drying out entire regions. Support the people of Petorca in their fight to get their water rights back.

Tapanuli orangutan

363,820 supporters

Stop bulldozing the Tapanuli orangutan!

A dam for a 510 MW hydropower plant in Batang Toru forest on Sumatra could spell oblivion for the recently discovered Tapanuli orangutan.


Feb 26, 2020

Protest kills tar sands mine!

A massive tar sands mine project in Canada has been abandoned.The project became unfeasible because of resistance against it and the debate about climate protection.

Penan and Berawan people resisting logging in Mulu forest, Sarawak, Malaysia

Sep 4, 2019

Protests save UNESCO World Heritage forest

Staunch resistance by indigenous communities in Malaysia saved Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from destruction by a palm oil company.

Sugar cane harvesting in Brazil (Mato Grosso, Brazil)

139,696 supporters

Brazil: Keep biofuel plantations out of the rainforest!

Brazilian President Bolsonaro is opening the Amazon rainforest to grow sugar cane for biofuel. Tell the EU to reject free trade in Brazilian ethanol.

An indigenous man wearing feathers and a painted face standing in the forest with a blowpipe

501,685 supporters

Stop the assault on Earth's green lung!

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon are calling on the UN and South American governments to stop the destruction of their forest home. Please lend them your voice.

Montage: tar sand mine and Justin Trudeau

260,000 supporters

Stop Canada's tar sand apocalypse!

Tell Canada to block plans for the world's largest tar sand mine: 292 square kilometers of wilderness would be destroyed for the world's dirtiest oil.

Olive Ridley sea turtle

225,405 supporters

Save Malaysia's sea turtles!

Speak out for sea turtles! Please help protect marine biodiversity and Penang’s fishermen! Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Hippo in Lake Naivasha

Jun 28, 2019

Hippo “cull” in Zambia canceled!

2,000 hippos in Zambia are safe! Local and international pressure prompted the Zambian government to call off the planned “cull”.

Cross River gorilla

204,405 supporters

Nigeria: keep cocoa growers out of gorilla habitat!

Gorilla habitat is shrinking day by day, and one of the main drivers is the chocolate industry. Cocoa farms are penetrating the last refuges of the endangered primates.

Computer screen with a generic website showing the integrated petition widget

Jul 28, 2019

Promote our current petition on your website with the Rainforest Rescue widget

If you manage your own web presence, you can support us in our mission to protect the world’s rainforests by adding our new widget to your site.