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Penan and Berawan people resisting logging in Mulu forest, Sarawak, Malaysia

May 7, 2019

Malaysia: slashing Sarawak’s forests for palm oil

Cutting down timber worth $10 million without a permit? It's not an unusual occurrence in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Indonesia: police securing oil palm plantation

May 9, 2019

Indonesian police protects oil palms with guns drawn

Indonesian police is “protecting” oil palms with weapons drawn, taking brutal action against locals who want to preserve Batu Gadur forest.

Olive Ridley sea turtle

139,136 supporters

Save Malaysia's sea turtles!

Speak out for sea turtles! Please help protect marine biodiversity and Penang’s fishermen! Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Juvenile orangutan on an oil palm plantation

145,222 supporters

Palm oil is NOT green fuel - stop the trip to destruction!

A Japanese utility company wants to generate power with palm oil in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Tell it that palm oil is anything but “green”!

Protest against palm oil plantation in Sarawak

193,632 supporters

UNESCO World Heritage: tell the palm oil barons to back off!

Sarawak‘s only UNESCO World Heritage Site is in danger! Oil palm plantations are closing in on the ancient rainforests of Mulu National Park.

coral reef

138,426 supporters

Don’t trash coral reefs for the cruise industry!

The Cayman Islands want to ramp up mass tourism by building a port for mega cruise ships. The project would seriously impact the Caribbean marine environment.

Jaguar in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

160,502 supporters

Stop the looming massacre of Brazilian wildlife!

Lobbyists are pushing to legalize hunting in Brazil – even in nature reserves. Please help stop a hunting bill submitted to the Brazilian National Congress.


408,937 supporters

Stop rainforest destruction for biofuels!

The production of palm oil-based biofuels is destroying rainforests and the livelihoods of smallholders. NOW is the time to ban biofuels once and for all.

Protesting against oil palm plantations in Borneo

May 2, 2019

Palm oil and timber industry driving increased rainforest destruction

The destruction of tropical forests remained at alarming levels in 2018. The development was particularly dramatic in previously untouched rainforests.

Bulldozers at the site of the "superhighway"

Apr 16, 2019

Nigeria: paying for a forest “superhighway” for the next 180 years?

€740,000 a month – for the next 180 years? That’s the princely compensation for the company slated to build Nigeria’s “superhighway” to nowhere.

Poached and skinned elephant in Myanmar

272,875 supporters

Elephant skin for Chinese “medicine”? Stop the killing in Myanmar!

Stop the poaching of Asia’s elephants for Chinese “medicine”: elephant-skin ointments to treat eczema, acne and digestive problems.

Child laborer on cocoa plantation, Ivory Coast

194,238 supporters

Stop child labor and deforestation for chocolate!

Chocolate has a dark secret: the 1.2 million children that work on cocoa plantations. Many farm workers can’t earn a living wage and forests are being destroyed.

Timber truck in Cambodia

263,134 supporters

An EU seal for illegal timber from Vietnam? NO!

Illegal timber from Southeast Asia – laundered with an EU seal of approval? The EU is preparing a trade deal on tropical timber with Vietnam, a hotbed of timber trafficking.

Two pygmy elephants in Sabah

Apr 15, 2019

Sabah chief minister renounces deforestation for highways

The chief minister of the Malaysian state of Sabah has called for the preservation of forests by expanding existing roads for the Pan Borneo Highway.

Captured migratory birds in Egypt

186,940 supporters

Stop the mass slaughter of migratory birds!

Every year, millions of migratory birds are captured in nets and sold as “delicacies” in various Mediterranean countries. Please speak out against this barbaric practice.

EU palm oil biofuel

Mar 18, 2019

Baby steps toward banning palm oil biofuel in the EU

The EU is the world’s second largest importer of palm oil – and more than half of the tropical oil is added to diesel fuel.

Montage of high-speed train and Mayan ruins: Ek Balam in Yucatán

182,657 supporters

NO to tourist trains in the Mayan rainforest!

An absurd infrastructure project: A high-speed train from the Caribbean coast, through the Mexican rainforest to the ancient Mayan pyramids?

Chimpanzee in Bossou, Guinea

148,380 supporters

West Africa's chimpanzees are on the brink of extinction

A proposed hydroelectric dam threatens the survival of 1,500 chimpanzees in Guinea‘s Moyen-Bafing National. Tell Guinea‘s president to focus on solar power instead.


Feb 5, 2019

Finally, a cocoa plan – time to act!

We’re a big step closer to chocolate without a guilty conscience – Germany finally wants to act against child labor and deforestation in the cocoa industry.

Dam collapse in Brazil

133,388 supporters

Brazil mine disaster: let's take responsibility for our imports

The catastrophic dam collapse in an iron ore mine in Brazil is a consequence of our appetite for steel for the automotive, mechanical engineering and construction sectors.

An elephant killed by poachers

217,683 supporters

Botswana: DO NOT legalize elephant hunting!

For years, Botswana was a safe haven for Africa’s elephants. But now, wants to legalize elephant hunting and roll out the red carpet for rich tourists with guns.

Clearing in Kinipan forest – indigenous people next to tree trunks

189,432 supporters

URGENT: Please help us save Kinipan forest!

In Borneo’s Kinipan, the indigenous Dayak Tomun people are struggling to save their forest. SML, the company behind the loggers, wants their land for a palm oil plantation.

Chimpanzee rescue center near Monrovia, Liberia

Jan 27, 2019

A sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees

Orphaned and formerly captive chimpanzees deserve a good life. In Liberia, a small private organization is dedicated to caring for more than 40 such primates.

Oil palm plantation

117,138 supporters

The Biofuture Platform: neither clean nor green

Using crops and trees to fuel our economy as an alternative to fossil fuels would undermine climate protection, biodiversity and human rights.

Photomontage: Emmanuel Macron with an example of an industrial mine in the background. Quote: “We will do everything to ensure that a project of this scale can be realized in French Guiana.”

425,946 supporters

President Macron: NO industrial gold mining in French Guiana!

French President Macron wants to authorize a massive industrial gold mine in French Guiana. Please speak out against the Montagne d'Or project!

Rainforest in Nigeria

436,407 supporters

Nigeria: we will defend our Mother Earth!

Trees reach for the sky in one of the last rainforests in Nigeria. The forest – home to the Ekuri – is about to be destroyed. The Ekuri need support – please sign!

Flying fox on Mauritius

336,262 supporters

Stop the killing: save the Mauritius flying fox!

Mauritius has once again declared open season on flying foxes and wants 13,000 to be killed. Please speak out against this pointless slaughter.

A roadblock set up by indigenous people

108,617 supporters

Stop the trashing of Sarawak's forests NOW!

In Sarawak, indigenous people are fighting tooth and nail for their ancestral forests. Tell Malaysia to respect their rights and protect their forests.

Protest against HeidelbergCement on December 8, 2017

Jan 9, 2019

Human rights award for anti-cement activists

The 2018 Yap Thiam Hien Human Rights Award honors Indonesian activists who are fighting to save their homeland from the cement, sand and palm oil industries.

Black rhinoceros

228,156 supporters

Tell China that rhino horn isn't medicine!

China has legalized the trade in rhino horn and tiger bone for traditional medicine. Rhinos and tigers face a new wave of poaching.

Uniper biomass power plant

Oct 25, 2018

120 environmental NGOs call for an end to biomass

120 environmental NGOs from all over the world are calling for forests to be protected, not burned. Logging for energy generation is the opposite of climate protection.

A pair of lions

216,107 supporters

Ban trophy hunting – save the lions!

Africa is losing its lions: habitat loss and trophy hunting have decimated them by 90 percent in only 40 years. Speak out for better protection for the iconic big cats.

Two orcas

204,045 supporters

Oil tankers or orcas? Keep tar sand in the ground!

Tell Canada to block plans for the world's largest tar sand mine: 292 square kilometers of wilderness would be destroyed for the world's dirtiest oil.

Airbus A380 - dirty deals with palm oil

261,734 supporters

STOP dirty deals with palm oil!

CEPA, a free trade agreement between the EU and Indonesia, could open the floodgates for palm oil imports to Europe. Tell the negotiators to exclude palm oil from CEPA.

Activists hand over 180,000 signatures protesting logging on Vancouver Island

Nov 9, 2018

Vancouver Island: speaking out for “ancient trees, not big stumps”

Rainforest Rescue and Sierra Club BC delivered a petition to protect the ancient rainforests of British Columbia, Canada, to the province’s premier, John Horgan.

Tapanuli orangutan

305,093 supporters

Stop China from bulldozing the Tapanuli orangutan!

A dam for a 510 MW hydropower plant in Batang Toru forest on Sumatra could spell oblivion for the recently discovered Tapanuli orangutan.


200,850 supporters

Stop the mass slaughter of Zambia’s hippos!

Zambia wants to allow wealthy, foreign big-game hunters to kill 2,000 hippos, claiming that the population is out of control.

Two women with their children in front of thatched houses

Nov 15, 2018

We beat the plantation companies!

Our partners in the Philippines scored two successes: the government put a moratorium on the spread of oil palm plantations and shut down two coconut palm companies.


177,635 supporters

Keep gold miners out of gorilla country!

The biodiversity of Itombwe Nature Reserve in DR Congo is amazing. And it’s there – of all places – that Banro, a Canadian company, is planning a gold mine.

Poached elephant in Virunga National Park

815,460 supporters

Tell the EU to ban the ivory trade – NOW!

Tons of illegal ivory are being laundered in Europe thanks to the EU’s ivory trade loopholes. Tell the EU to kill the trade – before the trade kills the last elephants!

Frog on a plate

162,343 supporters

Ban the trade in amphibians!

The international trade in amphibians is spreading a deadly fungus that is leading to a mass die-off of frogs and other amphibian species.


239,274 supporters

No primate blood for oil!

Our thirst for oil is pushing endangered bonobos and gorillas to the brink. Say NO to drilling in Congo’s Virunga and Salonga National Parks!

transgenic soy plantation

318,390 supporters

Tell the EU to ban Monsanto’s glyphosate!

Glyphosate, the world’s best-selling herbicide, is slowly poisoning the environment and our food supply. Tell the EU and its member states to ban glyphosate in Europe.

Aerial photo of a village in Sierra Leone

Nov 16, 2018

Sierra Leone rejects Chinese-funded “One Belt, One Road” airport

Sierra Leone, a tiny country in West Africa, is standing up to pressure from China to build a new international airport that it doesn’t need.


177,730 supporters

Keep gold miners out of our rainforest!

Fraudulent gold and copper mining concessions in the ancestral rainforest of Peru’s indigenous Shawi people must be annulled immediately. Please help with your signature.

Indigenous Penan people protesting in Sarawak

240,218 supporters

Don’t sacrifice our rainforest for the Olympics!

Tropical plywood from the forest of the Penan people – in all likelihood from illegally felled trees – is being used to build facilities for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Sumatran forest elephant

Nov 29, 2018

Sumatra’s elephant forest is safe!

Our partners on Sumatra scored a resounding success: 2,000 acres of forest in Sepintun now officially belong to the local indigenous people – and the elephants.

Malayan flying lemur on Borneo

201,454 supporters

Unilever: stop destroying mangroves for convenience food!

Stop PT Sintang Raya from destroying precious mangroves and peatlands to produce palm oil for Wilmar, Unilever’s main supplier.

Photomontage: rainforest clearing and Mars logo

204,557 supporters

Get cocoa plantations out of Côte d’Ivoire’s national parks!

Côte d’Ivoire’s last remaining patches of rainforest are being destroyed for cocoa plantations. Tell Mars and other producers to get the rainforest out of our chocolate!

Protest banner on a river in the Bolivian rainforest: the slogan “Resistance Means Dignity” stands next to the Bolivian flag.

185,359 supporters

Block a highway of destruction through the Bolivian Amazon!

The Bolivian government wants to build a road through TIPNIS national park. The consequences for the rainforest and its inhabitants would be catastrophic.

Construction machinery

198,727 supporters

Keep loggers and the palm oil industry out of the Peruvian Amazon!

An illegal road – a gateway for loggers and palm oil companies – threatens 100,000 hectares of Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

People protesting with raised fists. Text "Help save our forest"

136,317 supporters

Ecuador: save the cloud forests for future generations

Mining projects are endangering the natural treasures of Ecuador. The inhabitants of the mountain cloud forests are calling on us for help. Please support their petition.

A chameleon with a green and brown pattern, clinging to a branch

155,997 supporters

Ghana: don’t sell your nature to China

Ghana’s Atewa Forest is home to rare plants and animals – and rich in bauxite deposits that the government wants to monetize. Please speak out against this disastrous plan.

Giraffes in South Africa

Sep 30, 2018

Trophy hunters push giraffes toward extinction

A flourishing, unregulated market for giraffe skins and bones in the United States is decimating this iconic species of the African savanna.

Sable antelope (Hippotragus niger)

183,673 supporters

Mozambique: stop a giant pulp project in the miombo woodlands!

A pulp company wants to clear 237,000 hectares of forest and small farms in Mozambique for eucalyptus plantations. Tell the World Bank Group to kill this disastrous project.

Ein Traktor wirbelt Staub auf einer verbrannten Rodungsfläche im Urwald auf

221,723 supporters

Time’s almost up. Tell the EU to act on deforestation now!

Time is almost up for the EU to achieve its deforestation commitments, we urgently need an EU Action Plan to protect forests and respect people’s rights.

Dead sharks in a fish auction hall

Sep 29, 2018

“Sustainable” fishing? The dark side of the MSC label

As an ethical consumer, how do you choose seafood that was sustainably produced? Who is behind the MSC label, and is it truly independent?

An indigenous man wearing feathers and a painted face standing in the forest with a blowpipe

275,301 supporters

Stop the assault on Earth's green lung!

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon are calling on the UN and South American governments to stop the destruction of their forest home. Please lend them your voice.

Montage: Airbus A380 over an oil palm plantation

Aug 22, 2018

Indonesia pressures the EU: Airbus must use palm oil jet fuel

Indonesia is pushing for its companies to be allowed to build palm oil jet fuel plants in the United States and France as a condition for buying Boeing and Airbus airliners.

Uniper biomass power plant

141,823 supporters

Burning wood for “green” power? No thanks!

Europe currently deciding on the expansion of renewable energy, with wood slated as the main biofuel. Tell the EU to stop incinerating our forests for “green” power”!

Koala on tree

199,014 supporters

Australia: save the koalas’ forest!

Australia’s koalas need help: the loosening of environmental laws has led to a surge in land clearing and habitat destruction. The rampant deforestation needs to stop NOW.

Indigenous Mundurukú people protesting the planned construction of a dam on the Tapajos river in Brazil

Sep 5, 2018

Fighting the good fight – with your support

Does our work make a difference? Yes, together with our hard-working partners and the international pressure generated by your signatures, we’re scoring real successes.

Green turtle

196,347 supporters

Stop Trump's assault on US National Monuments!

President Trump wants to shrink National Monuments and open them for mining and oil drilling. Tell Trump to keep his hands off of America’s priceless natural heritage.

An elephant calf in Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

271,070 supporters

Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

Leuser Ecosystem on Sumatra is the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos share a habitat. Tell the government of Aceh to protect Leuser now!

Protest against biomass power station

Sep 6, 2018

Environmentalists applaud progress against biomass

Environmentalists are applauding a government decision ruling out subsidies for new UK biomass power stations fueled by imported wood pellets.

Western chimpanzee

183,419 supporters

A cry for help from West Africa: save us from extinction!

The future looks grim for the critically endangered western chimpanzee. Please speak out for stronger protection for some of our closest kin.

Aerial view: clearing forest for Korindo oil palm plantations in Papua

192,029 supporters

Samsung, get out of Papua’s rainforests!

Smartphones are not the only things going up in flames in Samsung's business empire: the group recently invested in a palm oil company that is torching Papua’s rainforests.

Two orcas

Sep 3, 2018

Orcas can breathe easier: court stops tar sand oil pipeline

A Canadian court has stopped the expansion of an oil pipeline because the impact of the project on whales was neglected – a great success for Canada’s First Nations.

Tapanuli orangutan

Jul 30, 2018

China's “Belt & Road Initiative” – and what it means for the planet

The "Belt & Road Initiative" infrastructure mega-project: what China's geopolitical and business ambitions mean for biodiversity and the climate.

Seized ivory

Jun 30, 2018

Wildlife crime: global seizures and arrests in transcontinental operation

An operation coordinated by INTERPOL against the illegal trade in wildlife has seen hundreds of seizures worldwide as well as suspects arrested.

Tapanuli orangutan

Jul 11, 2018

ALERT urges Indonesian president: save the world's rarest ape

25 world-leading scientists from ALERT urged Indonesian President Joko Widodo to halt a hydropower project that would imperil the rarest great ape in the world.

Trucks delivering timber to a pellet factory

Jun 2, 2018

Study on EU biofuel use: burning wood harms the climate

The EU wants to boost the use of biomass energy. However, a new study warns that instead of protecting the climate, it will result in even more greenhouse gas emissions.

Chimpanzee in Liberia

Aug 24, 2017

A national park for chimpanzees – thanks to your support!

Great news from Africa: Liberia recently proclaimed the new Grebo-Krahn National Park for wild chimpanzees – a project partly funded by your donations!

Humboldt penguins

Aug 25, 2017

Chile protects Humboldt penguins, drops iron mine and loading port project

Thanks to the hard work of local activists and your signatures, the Chilean government rejected an iron mine project that would have seriously threatened Humboldt penguins.

Rainforest in the mist with superimposed SAVED stamp

Sep 27, 2017

47,000 km² Amazon rainforest reserve safe!

Facing furious protests, Brazilian President Temer retracted his decree abolishing the protection of a swathe of Amazon rainforest the size of Denmark.