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Montage: Day Against Tree Monocultures


Brazil: Indigenous Pataxó face violent reprisals after occupying plantation

The indigenous Pataxó want to protect their land from further destruction by the paper and pulp industry by occupying a eucalyptus plantation.

Aerial view of cerrado in Brazil, landscape with forest and river


Brazilian indigenous people call on EU to protect all biomes

Using tree coverage alone as a benchmark for nature conservation is too short-sighted. All biomes must be covered by the planned EU regulation.

Peat forest cleared for oil palm plantation in Sarawak, Malaysia

Sep 12, 2022

Agriculture drives more than 90 percent of tropical deforestation

According to a new study, more than 90 percent of tropical deforestation is driven by agriculture. A large part of the cleared land remains unused, however

Elephant in Tanzania


Uganda: Oil project stoking human-elephant conflict

Is oil exploration in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park driving elephants into human settlements? Local people are convinced of this and are sounding the alarm.

Three Papuans putting up a sign in front of their forest


Papua: Deforestation for palm oil and paper industries on the rise

The analysis of current satellite data shows that deforestation in Papua’s rainforests has not slowed. Palm oil and paper companies are mostly behind the destruction.

Paya-Nie ecosystem, Sumatra

Aug 3, 2022

Indonesia: 300 hectares of wetlands protected

With support from Rainforest Rescue, our partners succeeded in having blast fishing and deforestation banned in the Paya-Nie wetlands.

Indigenous man on eucalyptus plantation

79,764 supporters

Brazil: Stop genetically modified eucalyptus trees!

A paper and pulp company wants to plant glyphosate-resistant, genetically modified eucalyptus trees in Brazil. Please speak out against this potentially disastrous plan.

Photomontage: 15 combines in a wedge formation harvesting a soybean plantation. The outline of a gas pump can be seen in the harvested area.

50,052 supporters

Stop biofuels: Keep food out of fuel tanks!

Despite looming famine and soaring food prices, some countries continue to produce biofuels from grains and edible oils.

Gorilla mother and baby in Virunga

Jul 26, 2022

The international community has spoken: NO to oil from the Congo Basin!

African environmental activists in DR Congo delivered our petition – with more than 106,650 signatures – to the office of the Congolese president in Kinshasa on Monday.

Clearing for logging road


Malaysia: Wholesale deforestation looms in Sarawak

The government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak is opening no less than 1.27 million hectares of forest for logging. Indigenous people fear for their land and livelihood.

Maasai in Tanzania


Tanzania: Violence against Maasai people escalating

Numerous Maasai have been injured by security forces. The indigenous people are resisting expulsion from their traditional land.

Bonobo in the forest, DR Congo

112,483 supporters

DRC: Do not sacrifice Congo's rainforests to the oil industry!

President Tshisekedi wants to sacrifice large areas of the Congo rainforest to the oil industry. This would be a disaster for the climate, biodiversity and local people.