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An elephant calf in Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

183,371 supporters

Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

Leuser Ecosystem on Sumatra is the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos share a habitat. Tell the government of Aceh to protect Leuser now!

Mundurukú people protesting the Tapajós dam

Aug 5, 2016

Environmentalists stop dam on the Tapajós river

The tenacity of the indigenous Mundurukú and a wave of international support paid off in the end: the Tapajós megadam project has been scrapped.

Environmentalist Odey Oyama

Aug 23, 2016

Nigerian conservationist receiving death threats – speak out for his safety!

Nigerian environmentalist Odey Oyama is receiving death threats for his opposition to Big Palm Oil and the planned Cross River superhighway.

An airliner over torched rainforest

114,010 supporters

Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel!

The aviation industry wants to achieve “carbon-neutral growth” with emissions offsets and biofuels. Please take a stand against this blatant greenwashing.

A young Paiter Surui treehugger

141,410 supporters

A cry for help from the Amazon rainforest

Tell the Brazilian government to take action against armed illegal loggers, gold and diamond miners that are destroying the rainforest of the indigenous Paiter Surui.

A colobus amid foliage

117,896 supporters

Uganda: stop the destruction of Buvuma Island

10,000 hectares of forest near Lake Victoria are about to be destroyed for oil palm plantations. Uganda’s government is awarding land on Buvuma Island to investors.

Malagasy environmentalist Clovis Razafimalala

81,531 supporters

Free forest guardian Clovis!

Activists in Madagascar are fighting to preserve the island’s natural heritage: Clovis Razafimalala has been jailed on fabricated charges for fighting the rosewood mafia.

A man looking out across the rainforest canopy

134,095 supporters

Keep the palm oil mafia out of this forest!

Investors wanting to clear Cameroon’s rainforest for oil palm plantations are meeting fierce resistance from local people. Tell the government to scrap the project.

Godwit and EU flag

124,260 supporters

Tell the EU to prevent a Silent Spring!

Nature in Europe is on the ropes, with one third of all species currently threatened. Tell the European Commission to stop undermining conservation.

Polynesian imperial pigeon, Makatea Atoll in background

130,427 supporters

Save the Noah's Ark of the South Pacific!

Makatea Atoll is a treasure trove of nature. That could soon be history if plans to mine the tiny island for phosphate are realized. Please help put a stop to the scheme.

A view over densely forested hilltops

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar: We need our forests, not mines!

Help villagers in southern Myanmar stop a mining company that is trashing the mountain forests and lakes of their ancestral land.