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A single-engined light plane sprays pesticides over a soy plantation

58,836 supporters

Brazil: Ban the aerial spraying of pesticides!

Industrial soy producers in Brazil are attacking small farmers by spraying pesticides over people and their crops using planes and drones.

Three women dressed in red fabric and colorful feather headdresses


Indonesia: The Afsya people secure 40,000 hectares of forest in West Papua!

40,000 hectares of West Papuan rainforest are safe! Seven Indigenous communities and their forests have been officially recognized – a major victory after years of struggle.

Dayak children in traditional clothing


Borneo’s Dayak people a big step closer to formal recognition

A success after ten years of struggle for their rights: The Indigenous Dayak Tomun of Kubung village have applied for recognition as a community under Indigenous law.

Orangutan mother and infant

59,933 supporters

Stop APRIL, Indonesia’s ruthless paper and pulp giant!

The paper giant APRIL/RGE is destroying rainforests and the livelihoods of local communities. We call on banks and investors to end their business ties with APRIL/RGE!

“Water is a Human Right” banner in a pine forest

Mar 14, 2024

Speaking out against Tesla’s German Gigafactory, mining in the global South

Protesters are calling for a stop to the expansion of the Tesla Gigafactory near Berlin. Rainforest Rescue took part to speak out against destructive mining.

Three Indigenous people wearing large round feather headdresses


Brazil: All land is Indigenous, all property is colonial

Every April, the Indigenous peoples of Brazil demand the recognition of their ancestral lands with the “Free Land” protest camp in the capital Brasilia.

A herd of zebras under a tree surrounded by yellow grasslands

52,268 supporters

Protect savannas: NO to misguided “reforestation”!

Forests are true climate saviors. Instead of misguided tree-planting projects, conserving existing forests is vital to a healthy planet.

Villagers, environmentalists and eco-guards discuss dangers of Afi Mountain Sanctuary, Nigeria


Nigeria: Growing lawlessness endangers forest communities

Logging, illegal mining, poaching and armed groups are making the forests of eastern Nigeria unsafe. Local communities are threatened.

Two black-capped lories in a cage


Rescued: Proboscis monkeys, leopard cats and black-capped lories returned to the wild

Our Indonesian partner, Flight, rescues wildlife from smugglers, fights the trade in exotic birds, and releases songbirds back into the wild.

Chimpanzees in Sapo National Park


Carbon credits: The next round of indulgence trade in Liberia

The fight over Liberia’s forests is entering a new round. BluEarth Carbon, a U.S.-based company, wants in on the lucrative carbon credit market.

Protest in front of high fence with banner “Free Sorbatua Siallagan”


Indonesia: Indigenous elder abducted for resisting the paper industry

Sorbatua Siallagan, an Indigenous elder on Sumatra, was abducted for wanting to keep the paper industry out of his people’s forest.

Two women behind a high barred gate are being checked by a guard. Inscription on the sign: Agropalma. Access control for Nossa Senhora da Batalha cemetery. Private property


The sustainability scam: “certified” palm oil from Brazil

There is nothing “sustainable” about certified palm oil. The solution: please choose alternative products WITHOUT palm oil!

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