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Rainforest in Nigeria


Nigeria: “superhighway” project through the rainforest stopped!

One of the last rainforests in Nigeria will be spared a “superhighway”. Rainforest Rescue and local groups had campaigned against the project since 2016 – with success!


120,041 supporters

Keep the oil industry out of Africa’s natural treasures!

Nature, wildlife and scarce water supplies in a unique corner of southern Africa are being endangered by a rush to drill for oil.

Effendi Buhing from Kinipan and Safrudin Mahendra of Save Our Borneo


Petition delivered – will Kinipan forest on Borneo be saved?

Save our Borneo has delivered our petition to indigenous leader Effendi Buhing, who will personally present it to Indonesian policymakers and business representatives.

Satellite image of deforestation – Tamshiyacu, Peru


Peruvian cocoa company ordered to restore rainforest

The cocoa company Tamshi SAC is threatening to sue Peru in an arbitration court after being ordered to close plantations that it cut into the rainforest.

Capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) in a tree canopy

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Ecuador: Put the constitutional rights of nature before mining!

The future of Ecuador’s forests is at stake in a crucial legal battle: The Constitutional Court must rule in favor of the Los Cedros Protected Forest.

A gorilla mother and her infant


Uganda’s Kafuga Forest is safe!

Tea plantation operators will not be allowed into Uganda's Kafuga Forest. A court has put a stop to destruction by plantations.

Fire in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

Mercosur free trade: European Parliament delivers a firm rebuke

European Parliament rejects free trade agreement with South American Mercosur countries for lack of protection for the climate, biodiversity and indigenous rights

Jaguar in Indio Maiz Biosphere Reserve

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Protect Nicaragua's Indio Maíz and Bosawás rainforests!

Instead of offering protection, international climate projects are a threat to forests and human rights defenders in Nicaragua’s Bosawás and Indio Maíz protected areas.

Oil palm plantation, Borneo, Indonesia


Palm oil for Nestlé: more than 1,000 cases of deforestation per day

Nestlé has failed to keep its promise that the palm oil it uses will be free of deforestation and human rights abuses by 2020.

Proboscis monkey and baby

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Stop the destruction of Borneo's proboscis monkey forest!

Proboscis monkeys and other endangered species are threatened by a company destroying the coastal forest in Borneo for a palm oil refinery and a biodiesel plant.

Water pollution due to nickel smelting


The dark side of Tesla: gigafactories need gigamines

The CEO of the electric car manufacturer Tesla is encouraging the global mining of nickel – around 32 kg are needed for the batteries of a single mid-range car.

A forest elephant and calf standing in a river

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Stop Nigeria's lawless palm oil juggernaut!

Plantation companies in Nigeria are clearing forests with breathtaking speed and leaving destroyed livelihoods and human rights violations in their wake.