Petitions for rainforest protection

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A herd of zebras under a tree surrounded by yellow grasslands

Protect savannas: NO to misguided “reforestation”!

51,071 supporters
Herd of elephants in Serengeti

World Bank: Stop financing evictions and human rights abuses in Tanzania!

79,144 supporters
Protest on a beach of Nias Island in Indonesia

Indonesia: Fight the marine bitumen spill off Nias Island!

68,291 supporters
Aerial view of an oil spill on a river in Nigeria

The oil industry is devastating Nigeria’s environment – for Germany’s benefit?

62,470 supporters
A colorful red-eyed tree frog sitting on a flower

Panama: NO to copper mining in the rainforest!

70,500 supporters
View of the rainforest from above

Indonesia: NO to a gold mine in Sumatra’s tiger forest!

77,399 supporters
Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) staff and Eco-Guards posing in front of an ancient tree in Sapo National Park, Liberia

Do not sell out Liberia's forests for Dubai's climate excesses!

66,745 supporters
Logs under palms

Indonesia: NO to the wholesale deforestation of the Mentawai islands!

88,350 supporters
A single oak tree on a clearcut; in the background a pine plantation

EU: Don't let big polluters off the hook. Say no to carbon offsets!

64,538 supporters
Waves wash over a beach on Koh Kong Island, Cambodia

Cambodia: Save Koh Kong Island!

135,182 supporters
Luis Quintero, president of the Barranquilla de San Javier community, together with other residents impacted by the expansion of the palm oil industry in the region

Ecuador: Stop land grabbing and racial discrimination for palm oil!

65,428 supporters
A large group of police in riot gear advance on a dirt road in an oil palm plantation

Guatemala: Stop the palm oil industry’s violence against the Maya!

62,379 supporters
Aerial view of a small village along a straight dirt road, with oil palm plantations cut into the rainforest behind it

Brazil: Stop land grabbing and violence for “fair and sustainable” palm oil!

77,734 supporters
Guardians of the forest

A better way to protect biodiversity: strengthening indigenous rights!

71,080 supporters
A colorful mural of plants and an indigenous woman on the walls of a small building with the inscription: “Let’s defend the water without fear”

Ecuador: Stop the mining industry’s violence against women!

75,659 supporters
Slash and burn in Brazil

Stop the torching of the Amazon rainforest!

140,865 supporters
Villagers protesting on boats against the pollution of the Aruwimi River

DR Congo: Stop the destruction by miners and loggers in Tshopo!

105,526 supporters
Photomontage: 15 combines in a wedge formation harvesting a soybean plantation. The outline of a gas pump can be seen in the harvested area.

Stop biofuels: Keep food out of fuel tanks!

53,357 supporters
Balsa wood in a wind turbine rotor blade

Don’t plunder the rainforest for wind energy!

67,632 supporters
Indigenous man on eucalyptus plantation

Brazil: Stop genetically modified eucalyptus trees!

83,483 supporters
Bonobo in the forest, DR Congo

DRC: Do not sacrifice Congo's rainforests to the oil industry!

116,662 supporters
Indigenous Ka'apor people – children, women and men – join hands and form a circle in the rainforest

Brazil: The Ka'apor people need our support!

79,221 supporters
An indigenous woman adorned with a feathered crown in front of two other indigenous people

Brazil: Stop the assault on the Amazon rainforest!

108,299 supporters
Kids under a tree

Paraguay: give the Manjui people their land NOW!

105,604 supporters
Montage: traffic sign with an electric vehicle in front of an open pit mine in the rainforest of Ecuador

Yes to the ‘green revolution' – but without copper and nickel from the rainforest!

85,966 supporters
Imprisoned Mother Nature Cambodia activists

Cambodia: Ten years in prison for protecting nature? Release them NOW!

94,610 supporters
environmental defender Kyaw Min Htut, Myanmar

Release detained Myanmar environmental & human rights defender NOW!

96,342 supporters

Protect the world’s last okapis from gold mining!

105,669 supporters
Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

NO to a ‘Jurassic Park’ for Komodo dragons!

109,729 supporters
Indigenous Maasai herdsman

Tanzania: stop the eviction of the Maasai from Ngorongoro!

137,384 supporters
Three loggers sawing a freshly felled tree

Nigeria: save Cross River State's unique forests!

105,403 supporters

Is burning trees the new coal? Say NO to fake “renewables”!

109,098 supporters
People protesting against mining with banners and posters

Ecuador: Stop the violence by the mining industry!

111,130 supporters
Cattle herd in Mato Grosso

Protect Amazonia – NO to the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement!

407,251 supporters
RIAO-RDC members with villagers from Bongemba / Yahuma

DRC: Release the palm oil protesters jailed in Mwingi!

143,223 supporters

Keep the oil industry out of Africa’s natural treasures!

172,123 supporters
Proboscis monkey and baby

Stop the destruction of Borneo's proboscis monkey forest!

136,950 supporters
A forest elephant and calf standing in a river

Stop Nigeria's lawless palm oil juggernaut!

124,826 supporters
Women planting upland rice

Keep plantations out of Palawan Forest!

131,336 supporters
Orangutan in Central Kalimantan, Borneo

NO to “Food Estates” in the peat forests of Borneo!

173,614 supporters
Elephants enjoying a bath

Stop APP, Indonesia's brutal paper and pulp giant!

162,659 supporters
Protesting indigenous women in Brazil

Prosecute former Brazilian president Bolsonaro for genocide!

239,835 supporters
Pangolin in a cage at the Riau Natural Resource Conservation Centre, Indonesia

Shut down wildlife markets NOW!

352,529 supporters
Montage of miners in Congo and electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are stealth rainforest killers!

145,910 supporters
Pongo tapanuliensis

Stop bulldozing the Tapanuli orangutan!

398,234 supporters
Elephants Murchison-Falls-Nationalpark, Uganda

Uganda: keep the oil in the ground – save Murchison Falls!

218,815 supporters
Photomontage: Emmanuel Macron with an example of an industrial mine in the background. Quote: “We will do everything to ensure that a project of this scale can be realized in French Guiana.”

Urgent! Please SIGN: NO gold mining in the rainforests!

576,979 supporters
Jaguar in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Stop the looming massacre of Brazilian wildlife!

206,161 supporters
Montage of high-speed train and Mayan ruins: Ek Balam in Yucatán

NO to tourist trains in the Mayan rainforest!

282,727 supporters
Clearing in Kinipan forest – indigenous people next to tree trunks

URGENT: Please help us save Kinipan forest!

246,897 supporters
Airbus A380 - dirty deals with palm oil

STOP dirty deals with palm oil!

288,139 supporters
Uniper biomass power plant

Burning wood for “green” power? No thanks!

168,095 supporters
A chameleon with a green and brown pattern, clinging to a branch

Ghana: don’t sell your nature to China

185,300 supporters
A woman is sitting in the water in a bay lined with rocks and a sandy beach

Sulawesi: stop dredging paradise for concrete!

178,982 supporters
An airliner over torched rainforest

Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel!

244,390 supporters
Malayan flying lemur on Borneo

Unilever: stop destroying mangroves for convenience food!

225,148 supporters
An elephant calf in Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

353,931 supporters
A Pala’wan girl carrying Taro, the local vegetable, standing in front of village huts

We need our land, not oil palms!

242,820 supporters
Polynesian imperial pigeon, Makatea Atoll in background

Save the Noah's Ark of the South Pacific!

260,464 supporters
Male orangutan facepalming

Tell UNESCO to recognize great apes as Living World Heritage

310,589 supporters
Men of the Mahuze indigenous people in Papua

Papua: “Surrendering our land would be suicide”

248,539 supporters

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