Petitions for rainforest protection

Your signature can make a real difference. Our petitions expose destructive projects and name the perpetrators. Together we can have an even greater impact!

A huge tree being pulled by a skidder in a tropical rainforest in Central Africa

Congo rainforest to be felled despite international climate funding? Help us stop it!

107,660 supporters
Imprisoned Mother Nature Cambodia activists

Cambodia: Ten years in prison for protecting nature? Release them NOW!

83,590 supporters
Humboldt penguins in Chile

Chile: give Humboldt penguins the protection they need!

68,779 supporters
environmental defender Kyaw Min Htut, Myanmar

Release detained Myanmar environmental & human rights defender NOW!

88,776 supporters

Protect the world’s last okapis from gold mining!

97,752 supporters
Portrait of Simón Pedro Pérez López, Mexico

Mexico: demand justice for murdered environmentalist!

109,717 supporters
Three loggers sawing a freshly felled tree

Nigeria: save Cross River State's unique forests!

99,159 supporters
Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

NO to a ‘Jurassic Park’ for Komodo dragons!

92,972 supporters
Indigenous Maasai

Tanzania: stop the eviction of the Maasai from Ngorongoro!

103,463 supporters
Graphic: SLAPP suits are intended to silence critics

Protect democracy now: stop abusive lawsuits!

98,480 supporters

Is burning trees the new coal? Say NO to fake “renewables”!

104,501 supporters
People protesting against mining with banners and posters

Ecuador: Stop the violence by the mining industry!

106,049 supporters
Tailor in Hamdallaye, Guinea

NO to loan guarantees for bauxite mines in Guinea!

109,378 supporters
Cattle herd in Mato Grosso

Protect Amazonia – NO to the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement!

398,858 supporters
RIAO-RDC members with villagers from Bongemba / Yahuma

DRC: Release the palm oil protesters jailed in Mwingi!

139,787 supporters
Capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) in a tree canopy

Ecuador: Put the constitutional rights of nature before mining!

115,769 supporters

Keep the oil industry out of Africa’s natural treasures!

168,844 supporters
Proboscis monkey and baby

Stop the destruction of Borneo's proboscis monkey forest!

133,540 supporters
A forest elephant and calf standing in a river

Stop Nigeria's lawless palm oil juggernaut!

94,224 supporters
Waves wash over a beach on Koh Kong Island, Cambodia

Cambodia: Save Koh Kong Island!

106,842 supporters
Women planting upland rice

Keep plantations out of Palawan Forest!

128,901 supporters
Gorilla in Ebo Forest, Cameroon

Cameroon’s Ebo Forest needs ironclad protection!

187,082 supporters
Orangutan in Central Kalimantan, Borneo

NO to “Food Estates” in the peat forests of Borneo!

168,420 supporters
DNA in the forest

NO to genetic engineering in our forests!

140,299 supporters
Elephants enjoying a bath

Stop APP, Indonesia's brutal paper and pulp giant!

160,481 supporters
Protesting indigenous women in Brazil

Prosecute Brazilian President Bolsonaro for genocide!

237,467 supporters
Pangolin in a cage at the Riau Natural Resource Conservation Centre, Indonesia

Shut down wildlife markets NOW!

349,886 supporters
Montage: avocados (l.), protests in Chile

Stop water theft for avocados in Chile!

166,650 supporters
Man between big trees in Cameroon

Stop the depletion of forests in Cameroon!

168,599 supporters
Olive Ridley sea turtle

Save Malaysia's sea turtles!

249,744 supporters
Montage of miners in Congo and electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are stealth rainforest killers!

141,409 supporters
Sugar cane harvesting in Brazil (Mato Grosso, Brazil)

Brazil: Keep biofuel plantations out of the rainforest!

171,673 supporters
Rosewood logs in Ghana

Ghana: Hands off of endangered rosewood!

157,125 supporters
Whipfin silver biddy (Gerres filamentosus)

Stop plundering the oceans for industrial aquaculture!

141,088 supporters
Pongo tapaluniensis

Stop bulldozing the Tapanuli orangutan!

381,151 supporters
Elephants Murchison-Falls-Nationalpark, Uganda

Uganda: keep the oil in the ground – save Murchison Falls!

212,586 supporters
Photomontage: Emmanuel Macron with an example of an industrial mine in the background. Quote: “We will do everything to ensure that a project of this scale can be realized in French Guiana.”

Urgent! Please SIGN: NO gold mining in the rainforests!

574,854 supporters
Bengal tiger

NO new coal power – protect local people and wildlife!

172,200 supporters
Cross River gorilla

Nigeria: keep cocoa growers out of gorilla habitat!

225,543 supporters
Palm oil imports into the EU and consumption in 2018

Stop palm oil and soy biofuels NOW!

218,970 supporters
"Trainers" beating an elephant calf

Stop torturing elephants for the tourism industry!

224,431 supporters
Protest against palm oil plantation in Sarawak

UNESCO World Heritage: tell the palm oil barons to back off!

236,477 supporters
Jaguar in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Stop the looming massacre of Brazilian wildlife!

205,607 supporters
Poached and skinned elephant in Myanmar

Elephant skin for Chinese “medicine”? Stop the killing in Myanmar!

315,376 supporters
Elephant hunters in Zimbabwe

Botswana: reinstate the ban on elephant hunting!

290,542 supporters
Dam collapse in Brazil

Brazil mine disaster: let's take responsibility for our imports

178,015 supporters
Chimpanzee in Bossou, Guinea

West Africa's chimpanzees are on the brink of extinction!

196,325 supporters
Montage of high-speed train and Mayan ruins: Ek Balam in Yucatán

NO to tourist trains in the Mayan rainforest!

278,700 supporters
Child laborer on cocoa plantation, Ivory Coast

Stop child labor and deforestation for chocolate!

233,403 supporters
Clearing in Kinipan forest – indigenous people next to tree trunks

URGENT: Please help us save Kinipan forest!

245,075 supporters
Oil palm plantation

The Biofuture Platform: neither clean nor green

151,600 supporters
Black rhinoceros

Tell China that rhino horn isn't medicine!

264,301 supporters
A roadblock set up by indigenous people

Stop the trashing of Sarawak's forests NOW!

147,208 supporters

Keep gold miners out of gorilla country!

211,453 supporters
Airbus A380 - dirty deals with palm oil

STOP dirty deals with palm oil!

286,458 supporters
Frog on a plate

Ban the trade in amphibians!

191,680 supporters

Keep gold miners out of our rainforest!

204,423 supporters

No primate blood for oil!

278,486 supporters
Uniper biomass power plant

Burning wood for “green” power? No thanks!

166,254 supporters
Ein Traktor wirbelt Staub auf einer verbrannten Rodungsfläche im Urwald auf

Time’s almost up. Tell the EU to act on deforestation now!

247,575 supporters
Sable antelope (Hippotragus Niger)

Mozambique: stop a giant pulp project in the miombo woodlands!

209,134 supporters
Plastic waste on the banks of the Danube and swans on the water

We’re drowning in plastic: tell the EU to act!

238,239 supporters
A helmeted hornbill in a tree

Hands off the helmeted hornbill!

204,701 supporters
A chameleon with a green and brown pattern, clinging to a branch

Ghana: don’t sell your nature to China

183,134 supporters
Timber truck in Cambodia

An EU seal for illegal timber from Vietnam? NO!

287,310 supporters
A woman is sitting in the water in a bay lined with rocks and a sandy beach

Sulawesi: stop dredging paradise for concrete!

177,342 supporters
Clear-cutting of coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Canada's ancient giants: grown over five centuries, felled in five minutes

264,209 supporters
A pangolin in the forest

Take pangolins off the menu now!

397,605 supporters
An airliner over torched rainforest

Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel!

242,803 supporters
Airplane spraying pesticides over a soy plantation

Stop Monsanto Soy!

235,216 supporters
Malayan flying lemur on Borneo

Unilever: stop destroying mangroves for convenience food!

223,396 supporters
Primitive charcoal ovens and felled trees in the Paraguayan Chaco together with the brand logos of Aldi, Carrefour, Lidl

Supermarkets: Stop burning Paraguay’s forests for summer BBQs!

208,500 supporters
Rainforest clearing, Total logo

Trashing rainforest for biofuel? A TOTAL disaster!

291,920 supporters
An African elephant

Ban the ivory trade – NOW!

898,151 supporters
An elephant calf in Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

352,288 supporters
A Pala’wan girl carrying Taro, the local vegetable, standing in front of village huts

We need our land, not oil palms!

241,259 supporters
Truck loaded with logs in Liberia

Keep Liberia’s illegal timber out of the EU!

188,941 supporters
Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Unilever: child labor for palm oil!

Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Unilever: NO to child labor for palm oil!

215,051 supporters
Polynesian imperial pigeon, Makatea Atoll in background

Save the Noah's Ark of the South Pacific!

258,757 supporters
A worried-looking baby pushing its bottle away

Get carcinogenic refined palm oil out of our food!

270,471 supporters
Owl in a cage

Indonesia: ban the trade in wild birds!

243,220 supporters
An Eni logo in front of the burning remains of a rainforest

Eni: stop trashing the rainforest for “green” fuel!

202,790 supporters
Male orangutan facepalming

Tell UNESCO to recognize great apes as Living World Heritage

308,617 supporters
Men of the Mahuze indigenous people in Papua

Papua: “Surrendering our land would be suicide”

246,477 supporters
Yanomami adult and child

Stop the assault on the Amazon rainforest!

268,458 supporters
Myanmar: logs on trucks

No illegal tropical timber for the German navy!

97,704 supporters
Bioenergy collage

Tell the EU to protect forests, not burn them for energy!

91,691 supporters
A man being interviewed with a burning rainforest in the background

Forest fires in Indonesia: stop the corporate arsonists!

203,861 supporters
Torched forest and Cargill logo

Stop Cargill, the “worst company in the world”

163,097 supporters
A chimpanzee in Uganda

Stop the sugar industry's assault on Uganda's chimpanzee forest!

231,452 supporters