A swathe of forest is being cleared for the superhighway

Last chance to save the Ekuri people’s rainforest in Nigeria!

266,356 supporters

Spectacular trees reach for the sky in one of the last rainforests in densely-populated Nigeria. The forest – habitat of chimpanzees and forest elephants and home to the indigenous Ekuri – is about to be destroyed for a superhighway to nowhere. The Ekuri are standing up against the project and need international support – please sign!

A pair of lions

Ban trophy hunting – save the lions!

76,180 supporters

Africa is losing its lions: within only four decades, their population has been decimated by 90 percent. Humans are destroying and fragmenting their natural habitat, while trophy hunters are killing thousands of Africa’s iconic big cats. Please speak out for better protection of lions and their habitat.

A Pala’wan girl carrying Taro, the local vegetable, standing in front of village huts

We need our land, not oil palms!

121,650 supporters

The massive oil palm development in the Philippines has grave implications not only for indigenous people’s land, tradition and culture, but also the country’s environment and the lives of future generations of Filipinos. Tell the government and authorities of Palawan and Mindanao to stop Malaysian and other oil palm investments.

A Guianan toucan (Selenidera piperivora) feeding on the fruit of the bacaba palm (Oenocarpus bacaba)

NO to industrial gold mining in the forests of French Guiana!

78,855 supporters

The French government is quietly promoting the industrialization of the gold sector in French Guiana. The Montagne d'Or project, scheduled for 2018, would become the largest gold mine on French soil. Not only would it have serious human and environmental impacts, it would also open the floodgates for other mining multinationals!

Truck loaded with logs in Liberia

Keep Liberia’s illegal timber out of the EU!

119,529 supporters

The EU has signed a timber trade agreement with Liberia, but buying from its deeply corrupt logging industry is bad for the country's development and worse for its rainforest. Tell the EU to keep timber from Liberia’s fundamentally illegal logging concessions out of Europe. Please join our protest and sign our petition to the EU.

Indigenous people blocking a logging road in western Malaysia

Stop logging the Temiar people’s ancestral forest!

119,880 supporters

Loggers are destroying precious forests in the Malaysian province of Kelantan. The indigenous Temiar have built barricades to protect their land against further plunder, but the government is violently repressing their peaceful protest. Please show your solidarity with the Temiar by signing our petition.

Two pygmy elephants on Borneo

Keep roads out of Sabah's elephant forest!

220,987 supporters

Demand for ivory is a grave threat to Sabah’s pygmy elephants. Yet Malaysia is building new roads deep into their habitat that will make life much easier for poachers, loggers and palm oil companies. Tell the Malaysian government to stop the construction NOW.

Elephants enjoying a swim

The last Sumatran elephants need your voice!

105,556 supporters

Some of the last Sumatran elephants roam the forest of Sepintun – a habitat that is being trashed for oil palm, pulp and rubber plantations. Conservationists have now discovered the remains of poached elephants there. Tell the authorities to give the elephants’ home the protection it deserves!

Western chimpanzee

A cry for help from West Africa: save us from extinction!

89,381 supporters

The future looks grim for the critically endangered western chimpanzee. Protected areas are urgently needed to stop their habitat from shrinking further. Please lend our closest kin your voice and tell the governments of West Africa to do everything they can to save them.

Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Unilever: child labor for palm oil!

Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Unilever: NO to child labor for palm oil!

127,327 supporters

Instead of going to school, many children are forced to work on the oil palm plantations of the Wilmar Group and affiliated companies. According to Amnesty International, child labor taints the palm oil used by numerous household brands: Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

Polynesian imperial pigeon, Makatea Atoll in background

Save the Noah's Ark of the South Pacific!

146,941 supporters

Makatea Atoll in French Polynesia is a veritable treasure trove of nature in the middle of the South Pacific. That may soon be history, however – an Australian company wants to mine the tiny island for phosphate to produce synthetic fertilizer. Please stand with the Makatea islanders against this looming ecological disaster.

Hands off of this forest

Keep oil palm plantations out of this forest!

185,284 supporters

New York-based investors are eyeing Cameroon’s rainforests for industrial-scale oil palm plantations. U.S. diplomats strong-armed the Cameroonian government into pushing the project through against the will of the local people, who are fighting to keep the bulldozers at bay. Tell Cameroon to reject the project once and for all.

Illegally logged rosewood in Madagascar

The trees are bleeding: stop the loggers NOW!

137,784 supporters

Rosewood logs spattered with red sap – as if they were bleeding – are laid out by the roadside. “If a ban is not enforced immediately, there will be nothing left,” warns conservationist Hazel Chapman. The loggers are not even stopping for Gashaka Gumti National Park. Tell Nigeria’s environment minister to ban the export of rosewood.

Poached elephant in Virunga National Park

Tell the EU to ban the ivory trade – NOW!

285,993 supporters

The EU sees itself as a conservation leader, yet it has a blind spot for the ivory business. The trade in “antique” ivory remains legal in the EU – a convenient loophole to launder tons of freshly poached tusks and export them to Asia. Tell the EU to kill the trade – before the trade kills the last elephants!

A bauxite mine in a Nespresso boutique window

Stop trashing the rainforest for Nespresso coffee pods!

230,201 supporters

More and more coffee drinkers swear by single-cup pods – a booming business for Nespresso, Keurig and others. Pods are tough on the planet, however: bauxite mines are eating into rainforests for the needed aluminum, most of which ends up in landfills after use. Tell the coffee companies to put an end to this needless destruction.

An elephant calf in Leuser Ecosystem, Indonesia

Protect Leuser's iconic wildlife!

194,533 supporters

Nothing compares to the Leuser Ecosystem on Sumatra. It's the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos share a habitat. That may soon be history – a new land use plan has stripped Leuser of its protection, leaving it wide open for roads, plantations and mining. Tell the government of Aceh to protect Leuser now!

Malagasy environmentalist Clovis Razafimalala

Free forest guardian Clovis!

106,034 supporters

The inhabitants of Madagascar are struggling to preserve what remains of their unique natural heritage. Last year, environmentalist Armand Marozafy spent five months behind bars for blowing the whistle on timber traffickers. Now his friend Clovis Razafimalala is being imprisoned on fabricated charges. Please call for Clovis’ release!

A colobus amid foliage

Uganda: stop the destruction of Buvuma Island

125,790 supporters

10,000 hectares of forest near Lake Victoria are about to be destroyed for oil palm plantations: the Ugandan government is awarding land on Buvuma Island to international investors. The island’s inhabitants, however, want to protect their nature, homes and livelihoods. Please support their struggle with your signature.

A worried-looking baby pushing its bottle away

Get carcinogenic refined palm oil out of our food!

149,695 supporters

Food safety experts are warning of palm oil’s health risks: the refined oil contains contaminants that can cause cancer and organ damage. Toddlers and children are especially vulnerable. Tell the EU to act on the findings and protect our health by banning palm oil.

Birdcatchers are contributing to the disappearance of many species

Indonesia: ban the trade in wild birds!

172,095 supporters

It’s a scene out of a nightmare – thousands of birds are packed tightly into small cages in Indonesia’s markets. Trappers supplying these markets are driving thirteen species to the brink of extinction and are having an incalculable impact on biodiversity. Tell the Indonesian government to ban the trade now.

A pangolin in the forest

Take pangolins off the menu now!

285,355 supporters

Pangolins are nearly extinct in the wild. Yet in Vietnam and China, the animals are still considered a delicacy and their scales are in great demand for traditional "medicine". Call on the Chinese and Vietnamese governments to stop the pangolin from being hunted to oblivion.

A young Paiter Surui treehugger

A cry for help from the Amazon rainforest

156,430 supporters

Brazil’s indigenous Paiter Surui people are desperate for help: armed illegal loggers, gold and diamond miners are invading their ancestral land, felling trees, poisoning rivers and threatening the forest dwellers at gunpoint. Tell the Brazilian government to stop this unfolding environmental and humanitarian disaster NOW.

An airliner over torched rainforest

Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel!

136,168 supporters

The international aviation industry wants to achieve “carbon-neutral growth” using biofuels. This would almost inevitably involve palm oil and the further destruction of rainforests for oil palm plantations in the name of “green” travel. Please join us in speaking out against the ICAO’s misguided plan.

An orangutan

Stop a billion-dollar gift to the palm oil industry!

260,189 supporters

Bad news for the rainforest and its inhabitants: Indonesia’s President Widodo is planning a $1.35 billion biofuel subsidy that would dramatically speed up deforestation. Please speak out against this insanity!

A bonobo in a tropical forest

Stop the sellout of Liberia’s unique forest heritage!

141,320 supporters

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL), a palm oil company, holds hundreds of thousands hectares of land as an agricultural concession. GVL is now pushing to permit logging for export in its concession. International environmentalists are calling for a ban on the export of such timber to prevent the further destruction of rainforests.

An African elephant

Tell the EU to stop aiding ivory traffickers!

196,988 supporters

Poachers kill an African elephant every 15 minutes on average. Despite the desperate situation of these wildlife icons, the EU opposes a total ban on ivory sales that would be crucial to elephants' survival. Tell the EU not to make itself an accessory to criminal gangs of poachers and ivory traffickers.

Tiger mother grooming her cub

Keep coal power plants out of tiger country!

161,828 supporters

The Sundarbans – the world’s largest mangrove forest and home to Bengal tigers and millions of villagers – has weathered cyclones and tsunamis. Now the UNESCO World Heritage Site faces a new threat: the planned Rampal coal power plant in Bangladesh. Tell Exim Bank India to cancel the financing of this potentially disastrous project.

An Eni logo in front of the burning remains of a rainforest

Eni: stop trashing the rainforest for “green” fuel!

138,426 supporters

The Italian Eni energy group is selling a new, supposedly sustainable diesel fuel that contains 15% palm oil. Diesel+ has been available at 3,500 Eni service stations since mid-January. Yet the fuel is anything but "green" – the plantation industry that supplies Eni's palm oil is the worst driver of deforestation in Southeast Asia.

Chicken in a FIT Farm cage

Stop financing cruel factory farms!

153,078 supporters

European institutions are financing cruelty to animals on a staggering scale. In a recent example, Belarus egg producer Servolux applied for funds from the EBRD, a European development bank, to build a giant poultry factory with battery cages that would be illegal in the EU. Tell the EBRD not to approve public funds for factory farms!

Indigenous women on Siberut

Siberut: our forest is not your biomass!

185,565 supporters

An energy company wants to cut down rainforest to make way for 20,000 hectares of biomass plantations on Siberut, one of the most enchanting islands of Indonesia. The project was recently put on hold after vehement protests by the indigenous people and international community – let's make sure that it is scrapped once and for all!

An indigenous Ngäbe Bugle

Panama: don’t evict Ngäbe families for the Barro Blanco dam

123,126 supporters

For years, Panama’s indigenous Ngäbe Buglé community has been locked in a struggle to keep its ancestral land: the Barro Blanco dam is a hydropower project that threatens to flood their homes and schools, as well as their religious, archaeological and cultural sites. Please sign our petition against their impending forced relocation.

Lady Justice has gold on one side of her balance and rainforest on the other. The gold weighs heavier.

NO to gold mining in Colombia’s Yaigojé Apaporis National Park!

127,432 supporters

Two North American companies want to dig for gold in a national park in Colombia’s Amazonas Department. The miners are using the free trade agreement between Colombia and the U.S. to sue the country for $16.5 billion and bring the Colombian government to its knees. It’s a foretaste of what we can expect under TPP and TTIP.

transgenic soy plantation

Tell the EU to ban Monsanto’s glyphosate!

186,333 supporters

Glyphosate is everywhere – the world’s best-selling herbicide is slowly poisoning the environment and our food supply. The World Health Organization classified it as a probable carcinogen, but that’s not stopping the EU from wanting to approve its use for another 15 years! Tell the EU and its member states to ban glyphosate in Europe.

Male orangutan facepalming

Tell UNESCO to recognize great apes as Living World Heritage

193,711 supporters

Bonobos, orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas are facing extinction. Please support the Great Ape Project’s call for UNESCO to recognize our closest relatives as a Living World Heritage before it’s too late.

A logger with a Stihl chainsaw

Get Stihl chainsaws out of the rainforest!

131,368 supporters

German chainsaw manufacturer Stihl is making itself an accomplice to the illegal destruction of rainforests in Malaysia: the distribution of Stihl equipment there is handled by KTS Group, an opaque web of timber and palm oil companies notorious for running roughshod across the land of indigenous peoples.

A juvenile mountain gorilla climbing a tree in Bwindi National Park, Uganda

Gorillas in danger: save Kafuga Forest Reserve!

209,500 supporters

Nearly half of Earth's remaining mountain gorillas – only around 400 animals – live deeply secluded in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park. But now, tea planters want to clear-cut an adjoining buffer zone, Kafuga Pocket Forest Reserve. The destruction of the forest would push the critically endangered gorillas one step closer to extinction.

A heavy tractor dragging a tree trunk out of the forest

EU: ban the import of blood timber NOW!

162,027 supporters

Lush rainforest covers much of the Central African Republic. Yet civil war and illegal logging are taking their toll, with brutal militias funding their operations by collecting protection money from criminal loggers. Most of the illicit timber is destined for Europe. Call on the EU to ban imports of blood timber from CAR.

Farmers protesting at a Socfin plantation in Cameroon

Cameroon: NO to land grabbing for palm oil!

112,323 supporters

6,000 small farmers and their families in Cameroon have had their livelihoods wiped out by Socfin, a Luxembourg-based company that grabbed their land for plantations. Please tell Socfin and major shareholder Bolloré to respect their rights and return their land.

Two brown bears in a forest clearing

Romania: stop the assault on Europe's last pristine wilderness

124,016 supporters

Bears and wolves still prowl the ancient forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Yet their days are numbered: organized criminals are illegally clear-cutting entire hillsides to supply European timber companies. Tell the Romanian environmental ministry to put a stop to the destruction.

A bonobo in a tropical forest

Deforestation for chocolate? No thanks!

115,266 supporters

Illegal cocoa farms are eating away at protected forests in Côte d’Ivoire and destroying the habitat of primates. Chimpanzees and several monkey species have all but disappeared from the Dassioko Sud and Port Gauthier reserves. Please call on the Ivoirian government to set up a ranger program to police the protected areas effectively.

A Cross River gorilla

Nigeria: oil palms in gorilla habitat?

129,545 supporters

Palm oil giant Wilmar's plantations are encroaching on protected Nigerian forests, including Cross River National Park, the home of critically endangered gorillas. Tell Wilmar and its major buyer Unilever – the manufacturer behind brands such as Dove, Becel, Flora and Hellmann’s – to stop NOW.

A container ship plowing through the rainforest

Globalization gone mad: Stop the Nicaragua Canal!

188,259 supporters

Nicaragua is planning a new canal for container ships and oil tankers. While the project is economically important for China – the apparent driving force behind the canal – it would mean clear-cutting rainforests, mass resettlement and destroying Lake Nicaragua’s ecosystem. Please speak out against this looming environmental disaster.

Baby Tree Kangaroo

Papua: “Surrendering our land would be suicide”

177,988 supporters

Indonesia’s President Widodo took office in 2014 promising to protect forests and respect the rights of indigenous people. Now he wants to turn 1.2 million hectares of rainforest and indigenous land in Papua into industrial plantations. Let’s remind him of his election promise!

Yanomami adult and child

The death of the forest is the end of our people

183,254 supporters

Brazilian indigenous peoples are currently locked in a fight for survival: Big Business is pushing to scrap the constitutional protection of their ancestral territories and clear even more rainforest for soy monocultures, cattle, hydropower and mining. Tell the Brazilian government to get its priorities right.

Sloth in tree, nibbling on a leaf

Pygmy sloths: here today, extinct tomorrow?

140,654 supporters

It's hard to imagine a more disarming creature than the pygmy sloth. About half the size of a cat and completely helpless against human predation, it is one of the world's most endangered mammals. Tell the Panamanian authorities to protect them NOW.

The Woodlark cuscus, a nocturnal marsupial

Stop the chainsaws: save the home of the Woodlark cuscus

111,357 supporters

This charming creature is the Woodlark cuscus, a marsupial that lives on Woodlark Island, a small tropical paradise off Papua New Guinea. The cuscus' sole habitat is in grave danger – please speak out to stop their forests from being felled for lumber and patio furniture.

A tar sand strip mine in Alberta, Canada

Stop deforestation for tar sand oil: Say no to CETA

235,620 supporters

Vast swathes of land are being devastated and rivers polluted for Canadian tar sand crude – the world’s dirtiest oil. While tar sand oil is currently banned in the EU, the oil industry will force open Europe’s door if the CETA trade agreement is ratified. Speak out against CETA!

EU biofuels policy is destroying rainforests

EU destroys 700,000 hectares of rainforest for biofuels

302,882 supporters

The EU wants to save our climate with supposedly green biofuels and has deemed palm oil "sustainable". Yet on the other side of the globe, rainforests are being clear-cut to produce the 1.9 million tons of palm oil that end up in European fuel tanks every year. Tell EU legislators to put an end to this tragically misguided policy!