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Tell the palm oil industry: Orangutans are no pests!

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Sierra Leone: Land grab for palmoil

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Peru: Uprising Against Gold

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Penan Calling for Help: Stop the Loggers!

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Illegally logged wood near the Masoala National Park in Madagascar.

A Guitar manufacturer strikes the wrong chord

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Act Now to Protect the Mekong

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Eucalyptus trees planted in straight lines on the industrial plantation of a Brazilian paper company

Plantations are not forests

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“Biofuel“: Please support the scientists’ call to protest

31,107 supporters

Brazil: Violence and forced eviction for Biofuel

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Veracel destroys rainforests and arable land in favour of cheap paper

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The bloody products from the house of Unilever

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The rainforest is being clear-cut on Sumatra – for our paper

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Solidarity with Bolivia – Indigenous peoples demonstrate against road through the rainforest

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Lufthansa’s green claims don’t fly

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bulldozer in a clear-cut area in the rainforest in cameroon

Cameroon: Palm Oil Project Threatens People and the Rainforest

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Philippines: Please support Palawan's Indigenous Peoples against mining

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Archipelago in the sea

Oil Companies: Keep out of Colombia's Seven Coloured Sea!

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British Government and Human Rights: Carbon offset plans linked to murders in Honduras

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Save the Mekong: the river feeds millions

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‘Responsible’ Soy: misleading consumers

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Save Cambodia's Elephants From New Titanium Mine

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Philippines: UNESCO stands by as forests and livelihoods are destroyed on Palawan

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