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Rainforest conservation

The web of life is so tightly woven in the rainforests that documenting new species is an everyday occurrence for researchers. Biodiversity is higher there than in any other land environment.


The rainforests of our planet are true wonders of life: Ancient tree giants reach for the sky, their mighty buttress roots firmly anchored in the ground. An unimaginable variety of insects inhabit each jungle giant, some specializing in just one tree species. A single hectare of rainforest is host to more species than all of Europe. Orchids are fragrant in the treetops, monkeys leap from branch to branch and brightly colored birds dart about in the canopy. Raindrops hit the lush green leaves, streams and rivers disperse the seeds of the trees. Rainforests buzz, sing and vibrate with life – from mangroves and lowland rainforests, to peat forests, tree savannas, and up into the cloud forests of the Andes.

Rainforests are crucial to the planet’s climate. Only by preserving them can we win the race against extinction and the climate emergency.

Hundreds of millions of people call the rainforest home: Their cultural roots are deep, and their livelihoods tightly intertwined with their natural surroundings. While the lives of forest dwellers literally depend on its continued existence, protecting and preserving rainforests is everyone’s business. Together with our partners, we are committed to defending the forests, the climate and biodiversity. Please support our diverse rainforest work for a livable future.

Your donation to defend the rainforest supports these projects and others:

Eco-Guards in the rainforest

Support for conservationists in Nigeria

Eco-Guards protect the habitat of gorillas, mandrills, chimpanzees and forest elephants at Afi Mountain in Nigeria. Martins Egot of our partner organization Devcon is training people in more and more villages to track down poachers, arsonists and loggers. Devcon also promotes alternative sources of income to enable the commitment of the volunteers.

Los Cedros mountain rainforest, Ecuador

Defending the mountain rainforests of Ecuador

The mist-shrouded mountain rainforests of the Andes in northern Ecuador are home to vast biodiversity. For decades, the government and foreign companies have been planning to mine raw materials such as gold and copper, but local communities are staunchly and successfully resisting mining.

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Rainforest in the morning mist

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