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Protest on a beach of Nias Island in Indonesia

67,558 supporters

Indonesia: Fight the marine bitumen spill off Nias Island!

An environmental disaster is unfolding off the island of Nias: The wreck of the tanker MT AASHI is leaking bitumen. Call on the Indonesian government to take action!

Aerial view of the Brumadinho dam collapse, February 2019


One of Brazil's largest socio-environmental and labor tragedies – five years on

One of Brazil's most notorious socio-environmental and labor disasters, the Brumadinho dam failure case still haunts the nation five years on.

Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii)


Indonesia: 14 years of impunity for arson in Tripa peat swamp forest

The palm oil company Kallista Alam went for ten years without paying the fine for its slash-and-burn clearing in the Leuser Ecosystem.

Montage: an elephant coated in crude oil - StopEACOP


Tanzania: Is construction of the EACOP pipeline about to begin?

Construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline EACOP is apparently about to begin. Pipes for 100 kilometers arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in December 2023.

Vigil with candles


Indonesia: Christmas Eve nickel smelter blast kills 20

An explosion at a nickel smelter in Sulawesi, Indonesia, on December 24 left twenty dead and dozens injured. This is not an isolated case, says our partner JATAM Sulteng.

A group of Indigenous people with protest banners in front of a hut covered with palm fronds


Brazil: US carbon traders stoke conflict among Indigenous Ka'apor

The Indigenous Ka'apor do not want carbon projects in their ancestral territory and the rainforest of the Brazilian Amazon.

Aerial view of an oil spill on a river in Nigeria

61,902 supporters

The oil industry is devastating Nigeria’s environment – for Germany’s benefit?

Environmentalists in Africa are pushing back against the fossil fuel industry. Yet the German government wants to import more oil and gas from there.

Graphic of crowd with "Save Aru" banner, ocean and ships in background


Indonesia: Carbon trading scheme threatens Aru Islands

Carbon traders want to commercialize the rainforest of the Aru Islands between Australia and New Guinea. The #SaveAru coalition is calling for the plan to be rejected.

A colorful red-eyed tree frog sitting on a flower

69,948 supporters

Panama: NO to copper mining in the rainforest!

The rainforest, biodiversity and clean water need to come before millions of dollars for destroyed nature and a polluted environment.

A protest march with thousands of people fills a street in the capital


Panama celebrates Supreme Court ruling against copper mine - protests continue

We celebrate the Supreme Court ruling declaring the copper mine unconstitutional, reports Radio Temblor – Colectivo Voces Ecólogicas

Arrest of students in Kampala on November 24, 2023


Uganda: Yet more student climate activists behind bars

On November 24, seven students were once again arrested in Kampala for peacefully protesting against the construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

Protest during COP 28: End fossil fuel. Save our planet and our future

Dec 14, 2023

COP 28 outcome falls short – bad news for people and nature

The UN Climate Change Conference COP 28 in Dubai has ended in disappointment: The urgently needed phase-out of oil, gas and coal was reduced to a toothless “transition”.

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