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Support Rainforest Rescue with a donation – with your help, we actively fight for the protection of the rainforest. We raise funds for partner organizations on the ground, organize protests and work to raise awareness. Together, we can achieve even more!

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Tropical rainforests are one of the most diverse and exciting habitats on the planet and home to half of all plant and animal species. Courageous men and women on the ground are working daily for the conservation of rainforests. Their mission includes:

  • organizing protests
  • informing forest dwellers of threats
  • rescuing injured people and animals
  • providing medical assistance
  • collecting photographic evidence
  • providing legal assistance to vulnerable activists
  • purchasing land to block the expansion of plantations
  • reforesting cleared land

With your support, our partners in the tropics can make the biggest possible difference. At the same time, your general donation helps support our work in industrialized countries:

  • publicly naming the corporations behind rainforest destruction
  • doing background research
  • organizing petitions
  • motivating consumers to protect the rainforest

We will put your donation to work where it is needed the most.

Thank you for your generosity!

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A tucan in midst of colorful flowers

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