Donate for a specific project

Here is a selection of projects that are making a real difference on the ground.

Donate for a specific project

Matek Geram (SADIA) with map of illegal logging


Help the Iban people defend their ancestral forests

Activist Matek Geram works tirelessly to defend the forests of Sarawak against palm oil companies and loggers by mapping the ancestral land of indigenous peoples and suing companies that intrude on it. If the resistance cannot wait, he can be found organizing peaceful blockades to keep the loggers out. Please support his work.

Aerial view of a river in the Leuser Ecosystem


Sumatra: planting trees for the future

Roads, oil palm plantations and poachers are eating away at Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem, the last true paradise on the planet. Orangutans, forest elephants, tigers and rhinos face a shrinking habitat. But now, activists are transforming 500 hectares of cleared land back into lush forest. Please help them with a generous donation.

Boats gathering in the estuary, with small islands and the river bank in the background


Support Cambodia’s nature defenders

The Cambodian NGO Mother Nature was founded in 2012 to protect the country’s natural treasures against exploitation by the government and corporations. Relying on a network of students, monks, fishermen and farmers, the activists have had a major impact. We’re raising funds to support their continued successful work.

Two Peruvian smallholders in a clearing that will be planted with oil palms


Support the fight of indigenous people against the palm oil industry

The ancestral rainforest of the Shipibo people is in danger: palm oil companies are running roughshod over the land of the Santa Clara de Ushunya community deep in the Peruvian Amazon. The indigenous people are suing to stop the destruction of their home. Please help cover their legal costs.

Ekuri people protesting the "superhighway" project


Help the Ekuri people of Nigeria defend their rainforest

The bulldozers are waiting and a potentially disastrous superhighway project is on hold for now. The indigenous people of Nigeria’s Cross River State are fighting for their community forest. They are in it for the long haul, and they need all the support they can get.

Aerial photo of islands in the Palawan region


Urgent: Palawan’s activists need our help

The situation on the Philippine island of Palawan is deteriorating: those openly opposed to the destruction of valuable ecosystems for plantations are receiving death threats. Yet the people are determined to stand up against land grabbing by agribusiness firms being backed by the government. Please help them to protect Palawan’s forests.

A chimpanzee in Liberia


Creating protected areas for West Africa’s chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives – yet humans have driven them to the brink of extinction in West Africa. Protecting their habitat is crucial to their survival. Our goal is to stake out at least 100,000 hectares as protected habitat for chimpanzees, pygmy hippos and forest elephants.

Indigenous man in Kelantan rainforest


Help indigenous people assert their land rights

Indigenous people in western Malaysia are setting up roadblocks, gathering video evidence against loggers and plantation companies, and using GPS devices to chart their ancestral land and assert their land rights.

Veterinarian Karmele Llano


Borneo: orangutan rescuers need our support

On a typical day, veterinarians of International Animal Rescue (IAR) make their way through choking smoke, weighed down with medical supplies, a safety net, animal carrier and face masks. They are called out almost daily to rescue orangutans and other animals trapped by forest fires and attend to their medical needs.

Francisco climbing a tree


Peru: buying rainforest for a protected area

A cocoa corporation is currently clearing rainforest land in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon for a vast industrial plantation – against the will of local villagers. They want to rescue their environment and urgently need our support to buy rainforest land for a protected area. Let's help them keep the land out of the hands of the cocoa barons.

Planted mangroves


Philippines: mangrove reforestation

On the Philippine island of Samal in Davao Gulf, fishermen and students are planting thousands of mangrove seedlings financed by our donations. Mangrove forests are highly diverse coastal ecosystems that that play a crucial role as a nursery for marine life, thus ensuring bountiful fishing in the future.