Please help to stop the palm oil Mafia!

Nordin from Save Our Borneo in front of logs which have been illegally logged for palm oil plantations Nordin needs our support to put a stop to the palm oil industry's destructive game

One thousand people on the Indonesian island of Borneo have lost their forest. It was cleared illegally by the corporate group IOI and its partners who supply food giants Nestlé and Unilever with palm oil. Our partner Nordin has collected plenty of evidence against the criminals. Please support Nordins demand for boycott of IOIs palm oil

"The conversion of forest into palm oil plantations is shattering our country", says Nordin. He is head of our partner organisation Save Our Borneo (SOB) that fights the palm oil industry's illegal activities. "I want to conserve Borneo's rainforests for us and our children", the 42-year-old explains.

Nordin has already achieved a number of important successes: In 2011 the police started to investigate against ten illegally clearing palm oil companies due to the data he collected. Moreover, the constitutional court decided that thousands of hectares of palm oil plantations violate the constitution, as natives and peasants were cast out to make way for them. 

7,000 hectares illegally cleared for chocolate and traffic fuel

On March 23rd 2012 the residents of the village Tumbang Kalang in the province of Central Kalimantan call Nordins attention to a huge environmental crime.  7,000 hectares of dense virgin forest have been cut down, profitable oil palms have been planted on half of this area. One thousand people have lost their forest with its natural rubber and fruit trees. The soils and waters have been contaminated.  

The corporation responsible is palm oil giant IOI – a supplier for Nestlé, Unilever and traffic fuels producer Neste Oil. All three companies publicly pride themselves for their efforts in "sustainability".

In a letter from 2008 held by Nordin, the ministry of forestry revoked a former clearance licence. Now Nordin is preparing to file a case – and the wind is in his sails. The local government is now officially asking IOI to leave. However, to prevent more damage elsewhere, the palm oil Mafia's profit stream has to be cut off. 

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Please call on Nestlé, Unilever and Neste Oil not to buy any more palm oil from IOI. 

The IOI group is a founding member of the RSPO, an association which supposedly stands for sustainable palm oil. IOI itself promised not to clear any more rainforests for oil palm plantations from 2007 onwards. However, IOI is often criticized due to land expropriation, illegal clearing and the destruction of orangutan habitats.

IOI's partner Bumitama Gunajaya Agro Group (BGA) via its subsidiary PT Hati Prima Agro is doing the dirty work of clearing the rainforest for oil palm plantations without the necessary permits, as our partner Nordin has carefully documented in reports and photographs. On April 24th, 2012 the head of district Bupati revoked PT HPA's permit.

It is a common strategy among palm oil companies to continously establish new subsidiaries or to become key stake holders in other companies in order to make it more difficult to prove their illegal activities. 

To the management of Nestlé, Unilever and Neste Oil,

Dear Sirs,

the Indonesian environmental organization Save Our Borneo (SOB), partner organization of Rainforest Rescue, has discovered illegally cleared areas in the primary rainforest in Antang Kalang, Kotawaringin Timur District, Central Kalimantan. Your supplier IOI is a key stakeholder in the responsible company Bumitama Gunajaya Agro Group (BGA) via its subsidiary PT Hati Prima Agro.

The concession for this plantation was revoked by the Ministry of Forestry in the letter No. SK51/Menhut-II/2008. As SOB tells us, at least 7,000 hectares are affected. On 3,000 hectares oil palm seedlings have been planted.

IOI is a founding member of the RSPO and has committed itself not to destroy any more rain forests / HCVF (High Conservation Value Forests) for oil palm plantations. Several times in the past IOI's subsidiaries drew negative attention to themselves by destroying the environment and violating human rights. Even the RSPO is investigating against the IOI group due to unsettled land conflicts in Sarawak/Malaysia.

The illegal clearance by Bumitama Gunajaya Agro Group (BGA) not only infringes upon RSPO principles, but also offends against Indonesian law and international treaties. The subsidiaries involved neither hold national permits nor an international legitimation for their destructive procedures. In an international treaty with Norway Indonesia issued a two year moratorium on the clearance of primary rainforests in 2011.

Furthermore, your supplier IOI contravenes all sustainability and environmental criteria of your company. On your web page, in marketing and in your representatives' speeches you consistently advert to your sustainable and ecologically sensitive focus which supposedly fits into international ecological and human rights standards. Moreover you tell the public that you assume responsibility for the sustainability of your supply chain.

In reference to your mentioned self-made standards and principles I ask you to verify the accusations against IOI supplier Bumitama Gunajaya Agro Group (BGA) and to cancel your trade connections with the IOI group due to repeated transgression of national laws and international treaties.

If you continue to hold on to your supply relationship to the IOI group, you are deceiving your customers about the reality of your products.

Yours faithfully,

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