PepsiCo: trashing rainforests for 450,000 tons of palm oil a year

A can and a bottle of Pepsi, with a rainforest clearing in the background PepsiCo is not letting the rainforest stand in the way of its palm oil needs.<br>(photos: Jay Ullal, PepsiCo; montage: Rainforest Rescue) ( © Jay Ullal, Pepsico, Montage: Rettet den Regenwald )

Pepsi's slogan Live for Now perfectly reflects how the company treats the planet – without the slightest regard for tomorrow. But we have the power to change that. Tell PepsiCo to get deforestation out of its snack foods!

U.S. food and beverage giant PepsiCo consumes huge amounts of palm oil produced on rainforest land for its snack foods.

In 2013, Rainforest Action Network called on the twenty largest manufacturers of snack foods to stop buying conflict palm oil. Some companies, such as Kellogg and Mars, took a first step in the right direction and made a commitment to that effect – PepsiCo simply carried on, business as usual.

More than 450,000 tons of palm oil go into PepsiCo products – mostly Frito-Lay snack foods – every year. It's up to us as consumers to tell them what we think about this and vote with our wallets.

As we saw in March, PepsiCo managers will bow to public pressure if it is strong enough. At the time, the corporation made a commitment not to tolerate land grabbing in its supply chain. The key issue back then was sugar. But it wasn't until 272,000 people supported an Oxfam petition that PepsiCo finally responded – lagging far behind its competitors.

PepsiCo should be leading the industry. With sales of $65 billion, it's the world’s second largest snack food company. Join us in calling on CEO Indra Nooyi to eliminate palm oil from PepsiCo's supply chain.

Dear Ms. Nooyi,

As a consumer, I am concerned about the use of palm oil in PepsiCo’s products.

Other snack food manufacturers have taken a first step in the right direction by committing to eliminate deforestation and human-rights abuses in their supply chains, but not PepsiCo. Why not?

I call on you to take the wishes of consumers the world over into account and eliminate palm oil from your products.


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