For true climate protection: Don’t fuel the fire!

Oil pumpjack with a cloudy sky in the background © Montage: Don’t fuel the fire Don’t fuel the fire – more than 140 organizations are calling on the EU to reject false solutions (© RealZeroEurope)

Feb 2, 2024

Europe officially committed to phasing out fossil fuels at the COP28 climate conference. In reality, the EU wants to fall back on dangerous distractions and false solutions like carbon capture and storage. Rainforest Rescue and over 140 other organizations are calling on the EU to support real climate action!

We – and over 140 other NGOs – have signed “Don’t fuel the fire”, an appeal calling on the EU to be a true climate leader by supporting real climate action and denouncing dangerous distractions and false solutions like carbon capture and sequestration technologies.

The key demand of the appeal: “EU decision-makers must stop the hypocrisy of calling for a fossil fuel phase-out internationally, while promoting the contrary in their domestic policies.”

The appeal was formulated by Real Zero Europe, a coalition that fights against the misconception that achieving carbon neutrality (“net zero”) is enough to protect the climate, when in fact it is imperative that we become carbon-free (“real zero”).

You can find the appeal here and sign our petition against the EU’s misguided climate policy here.

From Rainforest Rescue’s perspective, achieving solid forest protection is crucial. We reject dangerous distractions such as carbon credits, offsetting schemes and misguided large-scale tree planting campaigns, which in effect establish tree plantations of non-native species. We also warn against the environmental destruction and human rights abuses associated with the mining of raw materials such as cobalt and nickel, which are in high demand for the energy transition.

Read our position paper “Climate and the Rainforest” here.

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