Dec 19, 2011

Partial success in Peru: Government lifts state of emergency in Cajamarca

The Peruvian government has lifted the state of emergency in four provinces in the region of Cajamarca in northern Peru. Thus, the government has responded to the numerous national and international protests criticising the declaration of the state of emergency and the suspension of fundamental rights associated with it.

Sri Lankan elephants drinking in a water hole

Nov 10, 2011

Partial success in Sri Lanka: Dole withdraws from National Park

The Dole corporation, well known for bananas and other tropical fruit, has responded to the protests of international environmental organizations against building new plantations in a tropical forest area and elephant habitat in Sri Lanka.

Protesters hanging up a banner: forest for people, not for sale

Nov 2, 2011

Indonesia: Success Story of Our Partner Organisation

Indians on a protest march with flags in their hands walking up a gravel road

Oct 28, 2011

Bolivia stops construction of road through National Park

Archipelago in the sea

Oct 7, 2011

Columbia: No Petroleum Extraction in Insular Paradise

“I want everybody to know you may rest assured there will be no petroleum extraction in our archipelago whatsoever”, Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos officially announced in his speech on 01 October 2011 on the Island of San Andrés. “In agreement with the Ministry of Environment we have decided against this kind of raw material extraction”, the President further explained, and instead promised the introduction of a conservation plan for protecting marine ecosystems.

Illegally logged wood near the Masoala National Park in Madagascar.

Sep 30, 2011

Success: Madagascar and Panama restrict trade in ebony and rosewood

Man standing between two huge trees in the Korup rainforest

Sep 29, 2011

Cameroon: Court stops deforestation

A recent judicial degree by a Cameroon court declared the planned deforestation of 30.000 hectares of rainforest close to the Korup National Park illegal. The judges stopped the activities of US investor Herakles Capital and followed the arguments of an environmetal lawyer.

Indians on a protest march with flags in their hands walking up a gravel road

Sep 28, 2011

Bolivia to halt construction on roadway

Protesters standing infront of "Terminal Tango" at Hamburg Airport

Sep 26, 2011

Unilever: Deforestation Award attracted a lot of attention

Mayor Rusdi: Man behind iron bars

Sep 25, 2011

Indonesia: Plantation Law contravenes constitution

This is a huge success for our cooperation partner in Indonesia: On September 19, 2011, the Indonesian Constitutional Court ruled that Articles 21 and 47 of the Plantation Law (Law Act No. 18) of 2004 contravene the Indonesian constitution.

Bolivian Indians walking their protest march with arrow and bow in their hands

Sep 1, 2011

Progress in Bolivia: Bolivian President agrees to meet local Indians

Since August 15, about 1,000 Bolivian Indians – women, men, children and elderly people – are on a protest march toward La Paz. In about one month they are hoping to complete their journey of about 400 miles from the rainforest to the Presidential Palace. Now the Bolivian president wants to personally receive the indigenous people as requested.

Completely cut clear hill, with residues of rainforest trees

Aug 26, 2011

Officeworks discontinues selling PaperOne

Officeworks has taken our concerns serious and decided to discontinue procurement of PaperOne as of August 24th 2011.

People infront of the embassy in Berlin holding protest signs against the dam

Apr 25, 2011

A Reprieve For The Mekong: Xayaburi Dam Delayed

Apr 8, 2011

Victory! Destructive Titanium Mine Denied Permission to Move Forward

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