Axing the rainforest for stationery?

Photo montage with two Topmodel writing pads and a cleared rainforest area in the background Pulp from rainforest trees has repeatedly been detected in Depesche products (background photo: RAN) (© Bild im Hintergrund: RAN)
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End of campaign: Sep 28, 2015

Top Model, Horses Dreams, and Let’s Party are the names of just a few of the stationery products that Depesche sells in the UK, Ireland and around forty other countries. The company's dirty secret: repeated analyses have shown that its paper contains fiber from old-growth rainforest trees. Tell Depesche to clean up its act!

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To: Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Geesthacht, Germany

Call on Depesche to get rainforest destruction out of its supply chain.

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“Top Model” is the name of a popular stationery series for pre-teen girls – its artwork features slim, doe-eyed young women in fashionable clothing and hairstyles.  Its coloring books, spiral notebooks and other products can be found in supermarkets, toy stores and stationers in around forty countries. The ubiquity of Depesche’s products is bad news for the rainforest: analyses commissioned by WWF Germany detected fiber from tropical trees in Depesche’s paper for the second consecutive year. 

Depesche describes itself as Europe’s largest vendor of greeting cards and gift items. Its paper products are printed in China, and the paper mills are clearly not particularly choosy about the sources of their pulp: In Southeast Asia, giant pulp and paper companies like APP and APRIL plunder rainforests on a grand scale.

Depesche claims that the tests were performed on old stock, and that the tested products have since been discontinued. On its website, the company proclaims that it exceeds statutory requirements and that the quality of its products has been verified by an independent testing organization. Given the scope and consistency with which Depesche’s products have tested positive over the past two years, we do not consider the company’s response to be particularly plausible. 

Please sign our petition to Depesche calling on them to eliminate the rainforest from their supply chain.


To: Depesche Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Geesthacht, Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Analyses by WWF Germany have detected fiber from tropical trees in Depesche products for the second consecutive year.

Thirteen Depesche paper products tested in 2013 and fourteen in 2014 were shown to contain material that most likely originated in tropical rainforests. In China, where most Depesche products are printed, paper production consumes vast amounts of tropical timber from illegal logging operations in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

According to WWF Germany, your company may also be violating relevant laws: the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which has been in force since March 2013, and the German Timber Trade Act (HolzSiG) require that importers of wood and paper products exercise due diligence to exclude timber from illegal sources.

I call on you to use only environmentally sound (ideally recycled) paper and to ensure transparency in your supply chain and manufacturing.