Sep 17, 2010

Not Now, Not Never: the World Bank and oil palm

Interview with Guadalupe Rodriguez from Rainforest Rescue. Oil palm monoculture plantations are not and will never be sustainable” say environmentalist organizations such as Biofuelwatch, Rainforest Rescue, Ecologistas en Accion and the World Rainforest Movement, after the review process –more formal than real- of the World Bank investments in oil palm.

Aug 31, 2010

Environmental group call on World Bank to drop plans for resumed palm oil funding

Press release by World Rainforest Movement, Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations RECOMA, Rettet den Regenwald, Salva la Selva, Ecologistas en Accion and Biofuelwatch Frankfurt, 31st August 2010

Jun 8, 2010

Launch of “responsible soy” label faces global opposition

New scheme to certify biofuel and animal feed opposed by 235 civil society groups BRUSSELS (BELGIUM), 8 June 2010 ? A proposed new label for “responsible” soy will not stop deforestation, 235 civil society groups from across the globe warned in a letter today, ahead of a conference set to finalise the labeling scheme in Sao Paulo, Brazil. [1]

May 14, 2010

The Battle for the Xingu

Jan 21, 2010

Scientists Identify Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park as one of the Most Biodiverse Places on Earth

A team of scientists has documented that Yasuní National Park, located in the core of the Ecuadorian Amazon, is the most diverse area in all of South America and shatters world records for a wide array of plant and animal groups, from amphibians to trees to insects.

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