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Photomontage: 15 combines in a wedge formation harvesting a soybean plantation. The outline of a gas pump can be seen in the harvested area.

49,989 supporters

Stop biofuels: Keep food out of fuel tanks!

Despite looming famine and soaring food prices, some countries continue to produce biofuels from grains and edible oils.

Gorilla mother and baby in Virunga

Jul 26, 2022

The international community has spoken: NO to oil from the Congo Basin!

African environmental activists in DR Congo delivered our petition – with more than 106,650 signatures – to the office of the Congolese president in Kinshasa on Monday.

Clearing for logging road


Malaysia: Wholesale deforestation looms in Sarawak

The government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak is opening no less than 1.27 million hectares of forest for logging. Indigenous people fear for their land and livelihood.

Maasai in Tanzania


Tanzania: Violence against Maasai people escalating

Numerous Maasai have been injured by security forces. The indigenous people are resisting expulsion from their traditional land.

Bonobo in the forest, DR Congo

112,408 supporters

DRC: Do not sacrifice Congo's rainforests to the oil industry!

President Tshisekedi wants to sacrifice large areas of the Congo rainforest to the oil industry. This would be a disaster for the climate, biodiversity and local people.

Demonstration for the release of village chief Willem Hengki from Kinipan in front of the court in Palangkaraya


Borneo: Freedom for Willem Hengki – an open letter to the court

The village of Kinipan in Borneo is fighting back against deforestation for palm oil: An open letter to the court speaks out against criminalizing indigenous people.

A smiling man at the helm of a small boat points toward the rainforest

60,029 supporters

NO to logging along the Ulu Lioh and Ulu Lijan rivers!

Rainforests on Borneo play a crucial role in the battle against climate change. The indigenous Iban people are fighting to keep loggers out of their forests.

Indigenous Ka'apor people – children, women and men – join hands and form a circle in the rainforest

76,360 supporters

Brazil: The Ka'apor people need our support!

The Ka'apor are seeking international support in defending their recognized ancestral rainforest territory, Alto Turiaçu, from loggers, land speculators and prospectors.

Indigenous Ka'apor standing in a double row in front of two huts in the forest


Brazil: Help the indigenous Ka'apor defend the Amazon rainforest

Please donate to help Brazil's indigenous Ka'apor mount an effective defense against encroachment and keep their ancestral forest safe.

Portrait of indigenous leader Sarapo Ka'apor wearing a feather headdress

May 26, 2022

The conservation community mourns Sarapo Ka'apor

The indigenous Kaapor people of Brazil are calling on the authorities to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death of their leader Sarapo Ka'apor.

Protest against mining in Ecuador, in front of the Environmental Ministry of Environment

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru

No reprieve: For life and territory, COVID-19 and resistance to the mining pandemic

New report - Coalition Against the Mining Pandemic - Latin America unmasks the unbridled advance of mining during the pandemic.

Murchison Falls, Uganda

May 19, 2022

Deutsche Bank rejects EACOP pipeline project

The planned EACOP oil pipeline in Africa is running out of financiers: Deutsche Bank has now rejected the fossil-fuel project.