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Gorilla mother with baby in her arms in the Virunga Rainforest

Congo: oil company threatens gorilla forest

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380 rare mountain gorillas live in Virunga National Park in large family groups. Now Britain’s SOCO International plc wants to drill for oil in the park. This would be the end of the park and of the gorillas. Please demand the preservation of Virunga National Park!

Rainforest in Colombia

Rainforest destruction imported duty-free

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On December 11, the European Parliament will vote on a free trade agreement between the EU, Colombia and Peru. 148 conflicts with commodities companies are ongoing in Peru alone, yet human rights and environmental concerns remain sidelined. Please call on members of the Parliament to vote against this trade agreement.

A farmer standing in the forest, looking at an open-pit mine

Toxic gold mining in the Caribbean

48,991 supporters

With its magnificent beaches and rolling green hills, the Dominican Republic is a vacation paradise. That could soon be history, however. Two Canadian companies intend to mine for gold on a massive scale in the rainforest. The cyanide to be used would poison the water and soils. Please support the protest of the Dominicans.

No oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest!

69,752 supporters

“We do not want oil drilling on our land. We intend to protect the last remaining rainforests for the benefit of Ecuador and the world as a whole.” With this appeal, seven indigenous nations are calling for worldwide support against the government’s plans to open the Amazon region to oil drilling. Please support the petition.

Marked tree in the rainforest

Last Minute Call to Stop the Chainsaws

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„Please help us to stop the loggers in the forest!“ With this call, villagers from Santa Rosa del Limón in Colombia urge us to help them saving their rainforest and livelihoods. So far, the forest in the region has been spared from logging. Now, a large timber company has started marking trees and dredging rivers to transport logs.

Stop biofuels now!

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Experts on world hunger are sounding the alarm over biofuels, which are aggravating famine conditions and driving food prices higher. Agriculturally produced fuels are also harmful to the environment and climate: Rainforests are being cleared, biodiversity decimated and vast amounts of CO2 released. We call on the EU to abolish biofuels

An excavator destroys the rainforest

Sulawesi: Mining threatens nature reserve

69,637 supporters

A unique rainforest landscape on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is under threat: The district chief has granted permission for test drillings for a nickel mine. Mangroves and precious ironwood trees were cut down to build roads and a port. But the destruction can still be stopped – please write to the Indonesian government!

A frightened little girl in front of a group of paramilitaries

Stop the Palm Oil Terror in Honduras

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In Honduras, the population is protesting against the palm oil plantations encroaching on their land. Armed gangs are terrorizing the inhabitants. Dozens of people have been killed, and the ecologically vital wetlands on the coast are being drained for the monocultures. Please write to the government of Honduras

A Truck loaded with tropical timber in the Malaysian state Sabah

Swiss bank giant accused of laundering timber money

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In the Malaysian state of Sabah, the Chief Minister and his ruling family are systematically lining their pockets with the spoils of tropical deforestation. The money from the illegal trade was laundered through the accounts of UBS, a major Swiss bank. Urge UBS to put an end to its unsavory business relationship with the timber mafia.

Gnus, giraffes and zebras in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

UNESCO sacrifices wildlife preserve for uranium mine

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The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1982. Now the UNESCO has agreed upon a boundary change – and therefore enabled uranium mining in this unique conservation area. Please support the worldwide protest against the decision of the UNESCO

illustrated car eats maize

President Obama, no food for fuel!

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A catastrophic drought dominates in the USA. A large part of the harvest is already destroyed. The shortage of corn leads to rising food prices beyond US borders. US policy worsen the crisis by supporting half of the corn harvest ending as agrofuel instead of on the plate. This means more hunger for the poorest

Orangutan mother and child. Churchill Mining's project could pose a great threat to them

2,000 Bornean orangutans need our help

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In the midst of ancient rainforest, the British company Churchill Mining is planning to exploit coal – and is taking the Indonesian state to court about it. This project is endangering more than 2,000 orangutans living in the Kutai national park. Please write to Churchill and the Indonesian government. No mining in the orangutan forest! 

Dirty gold mine leaving Peruvians high and dry

40,691 supporters

Latin America's largest gold mine is destroying the natural water sources in northern Peru – here people only have water for two hours a day. Now the mine is about to be extended, against the will of the general public. The military is using brute force to suppress the protests. Please demand the end of violence and the protection of the waters

Ikea is making old-growth forest a home

Stop IKEA's logging of old-growth forests in Russia

66,575 supporters

Furniture giant IKEA is clear-cutting Russian woods – including many old-growth forests. Centuries-old trees are felled and the sensitive soils are destroyed by the heavy harvester vehicles. This is clearly not the "responsible forestry" that IKEA promises its customers.

Karmele Llano is holding a primate whose rainforest has been destroyed for palm oil

EPA must not approve palm oil!

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Demand the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not overturn their recent decision that palm oil should not be included in the Renewable Fuel Standard

Destructed rainforest

Deutsche Bank boosts rainforest logging

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Landgrabbing and the destruction of rainforests – that's business as usual for the world's largest palm oil company FELDA. Now it is going public and has teamed up with one of Germany's biggest banks for business. Please ask the Deutsche Bank to immediately dissociate itself from this large-scale logging

Indigenous people demonstrate against Belo Monte

Belo Monte: Your profits are ruining our lives

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European companies are pocketing more than a billion Euros ­in return for their contribution to the mega dam Belo Monte in Brazil. But far from producing clean energy, this project comes at high costs for the environment and the local indigenous people. Please ask the European companies to back out of Belo Monte

Nordin from Save Our Borneo in front of logs which have been illegally logged for palm oil plantations

Please help to stop the palm oil Mafia!

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One thousand people on the Indonesian island of Borneo have lost their forest. It was cleared illegally by the corporate group IOI and its partners who supply food giants Nestlé and Unilever with palm oil. Our partner Nordin has collected plenty of evidence against the criminals. Please support Nordins demand for boycott of IOIs palm oil

Slow Lorises in Indonesia

Too cute to live? Save the slow lorises

62,767 supporters

The little slow loris is snatched from its mother, she is killed by the poachers. The baby has its teeth brutally pulled out with pliers, then merchants offer it for sale at the market. The ascending infection due to the mutilation kills a lot of his fellow primates. Please demand freedom and protection for the slow lorises

Paul Watson sitting in a boat on sea

Free environmental hero Paul Watson

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He holds several international commendations - but now environmental activist Paul Watson has been arrested in Germany. While he was trying to stop the brutal finning of hundreds of sharks, he was accused of endangering shipping traffic. Please demand the immediate acquittal of Paul Watson.

Blue frog with spots on a leaf

Help the Ngäbe protect their rainforest

41,116 supporters

The rainforest of the indigenous tribe Ngäbe is a natural paradise for reptiles and amphibians, such as the endangered Tabasara Rain Frog. Now, part of it could be drowned due to the hydroelectric dam project Barro Blanco. Please demand the protection of the Tabasara rainforest.

The coelacanth

Save the coelacanth bay

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This fish really is a biological sensation. Thought to have died out 65 million years ago, some of these living fossils are still swimming around the African coast. But their Marine Protected Area is threatened by plans for a deepwater port. Please demand the protection of the coelacanth bay.

Stop Cargill – Stop the fires in the orangutan forest

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Cargill is selling palm oil derived from the destruction of the Sumatran rainforest, home of the critically endangered orangutans. In doing so the company is participating in the deforestation of one of the world's most important ecological systems. Demand that Cargill immediately stop trading with dirty palm oil 

Two young orangutans in the rainforest on Sumatra, Indonesia

Save the last orangutan refuge

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Flames, as far as the eye can see. More than 100 fires have blazed across Tripa within a week. The forest, one of the last refuges for the endangered Sumatran orangutans, is at great risk. If the accountable palm oil corporation is not stopped, they could disappear completely by the end of 2012. Please help the orangutans.

Demonstrators claiming free access to water

Please support the Ecuadorian march for water and for life

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Just like the armes of a river thousands of indigenous people stream in towards the capital of Ecuador, Quito. The protestors of this "march for water, life and human dignity" are criticising their government's economic model which is focusing on the mining and oil industry. Support the cause for free access to clean water

Dugong swimming in tropical water

Call for help from Bangka Island, Indonesia: Save our coral gardens!

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On a small island in northern Sulawesi, the district manager has greenlit an iron ore mine – and has violated several laws in doing so. The mining project would devastate the entire island and destroy all life in the surrounding coral gardens. Please help the people of Bangka to preserve this unique natural treasure 

Colombia: European energy corporation plans to flood rainforest

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The people living next to the Magdalena river are fighting desperately for their homeland. A giant hydro-electric power plant is supposed to be built in their rainforest. Large parts of the land are planned to be flooded. The protest camps of the local farmers have been evacuated by force. These people need our support.

Peru: Save the rainforest of Alto Purús

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In Southeastern Peru, a road through the rainforest is scheduled to be constructed – a road leading right through Alto Purús, one of the biggest national parks of the country. This protected area has been largely inaccessible until now. On account of this, the park still possesses a very rich biodiversity, and it is home to at least two uncontacted Indian tribes. Environmentalists and indigenous organisations oppose the project, since they are aware that building the new road would have catastrophic effects on the national park. Please support the preservation of the Alto Purús National Park by signing the letter of protest.

Tell RWE to drop their forest-destroying biomass power plans

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RWE have aggressive plans for burning millions of tonnes of wood, much of it in the UK. They are already converting a coal power station to the largest biomass power station in the world – and they are thinking of converting a second one. RWE's biomass investment will mean more destruction of forests in Canada, the US and elsewhere.Please write to RWE today and call on them to stop investing in large-scale biomass.

A sealion with a target on it´s chest

Sea lions in Chile: Dying for the sake of salmon sandwiches?

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The sea lions living off the Chilean coast have a thick fur that protects them from the cold of the Humboldt Current. But in this case, their fur won’t save the protected marine mammals. The government and the fishing industry want the animals killed, because they allegedly empty the fishermen’s fishing grounds. However, the sea lions cannot be blamed for putting an increasing number of fishermen out of work. The industry has put itself into this social and ecological crisis – following the years of overexploitation, overfishing and the collapsing of the samon farming industry. Environmental organisations in Chile ask for our support in helping the sea lions.

Nicaragua: German Tax Money Destroys the Environment

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Two conflicting projects in Nicaragua are being financed by the German government. Public funds are going toward the expansion of a palm oil plantation. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm, however: the plantation poses a threat to a strictly protected biosphere reserve. Small farmers are also protesting the project. The monocultures endanger their fields, which were also funded by German development aid. Please sign our petition against the funding of environmental destruction.

Music Industry Leads U.S. Lobbying Effort to Get Rid of Environmental Law

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The rainforests of Madagascar are threatened. Large amounts of ebony and rosewood are logged illegally. As one result of this, the lemures which live on the East African island are highly endangered because they need the trees to survive. The manufacturers of musical instruments are paying large amounts of money to buy these special trees. Gibson and the music industry lobbying group (NAMM) is now working to dismantle a law that prohibits dealing with illegally logged trees.

India: No Michelin factory in the forest of the “untouchables“

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In the state of Tamil Nadu, which is located in southern India, the French Michelin enterprise is planning to construct a huge tire plant. In order to construct the plant, the community forest of the Dalit people (the so-called "untouchables") is supposed to be cut down. The Dalit have fought for two years in order to protect their livelihood. Now they are asking for international help. The tire plant needs to be stopped and we ask you to support the Dalit people by signing our protest action.