Bonobo in the forest, DR Congo

Jul 27, 2021

DRC: Plans for oil drilling in Salonga dropped

The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has abandoned its plans to allow drilling for oil in Salonga National Park.

Indigenous Dayak Tomun in the Kinipan forest

Jun 30, 2021

Indonesia: Kinipan's rainforest defenders honored

The 2021 Akademi Jakarta award goes to the Laman Kinipan people for their perseverance in defending human rights, nature and culture.

Rainforest in Nigeria

Jan 5, 2021

Nigeria: “superhighway” project through the rainforest stopped!

One of the last rainforests in Nigeria will be spared a “superhighway”. Rainforest Rescue and local groups had campaigned against the project since 2016 – with success!

Biofuel photomontage

Dec 18, 2020

Austria bans palm oil biofuel

Good news for tropical rainforests: As of July 1, 2021, Austria will no longer be counting fuel containing palm oil toward its renewable energy targets.

A gorilla mother and her infant

Nov 4, 2020

Uganda’s Kafuga Forest is safe!

Tea plantation operators will not be allowed into Uganda's Kafuga Forest. A court has put a stop to destruction by plantations.

Aerial view of the tropical island Saona with coconut palms and turquoise Caribbean sea

Sep 29, 2020

Dominican Republic: activists prevent luxury resort in protected area

A coalition of environmental organizations in the Dominican Republic successfully prevented the construction of a luxury resort bordering Cotubanamá National Park.

Gorilla in Ebo Forest, Cameroon

Aug 13, 2020

Cameroon suspends logging plans in Ebo Forest!

Cameroon has put its decision to open Ebo Forest for logging on ice – local communities and wildlife can breathe easier – Rainforest Rescue’s petition remains active


Feb 26, 2020

Protest kills tar sands mine!

A massive tar sands mine project in Canada has been abandoned.The project became unfeasible because of resistance against it and the debate about climate protection.