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Nasako Besingi - Jailed for opposing Palm oil

Cameroon: release forest defender Nasako Besingi NOW!

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In an early-morning raid on September 25, Cameroonian police officers and soldiers arrested environmentalist Nasako Besingi and trashed the office of his NGO. He has not been seen since. Besingi has been opposing palm oil projects for years and has been imprisoned several times. Please demand his immediate release.

Tree plantation in South Africa

Stop genetically engineered trees!

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ArborGen, a U.S.-based biotech lab, is seeking USDA approval for its freeze-resistant GE eucalyptus. If the company is successful, GE trees would open the planet’s temperate zones to the same practices that are devastating the rainforests — replacing natural forests with plantations that, by design, eliminate biodiversity.

Humboldt penguin

Speak out for Chile's Humboldt penguins!

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The breeding grounds of the endangered Humboldt penguin off the northern coast of Chile are in danger: a mining company is planning an industrial port in the area to ship iron ore. Chilean environmentalists are working to establish a protected area, and they need your signature to help save the penguins’ home!

2 orangutans eating fruit

Stop trashing the habitat of more than 1,000 orangutans!

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The peat swamp forests of Sungai Putri are one of the last sanctuaries for Borneo’s orangutans. While the Indonesian government stopped one company from preparing the ground there for pulp plantations, the orangutans are not safe yet: numerous companies are suing against Indonesia's new conservation laws.

Elephant eating grass

Keep roads out of Sabah's elephant forest!

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Demand for ivory is a grave threat to Sabah’s pygmy elephants. Yet Malaysia is building new roads deep into their habitat that will make life much easier for poachers, loggers and palm oil companies. Tell the Malaysian government to stop the construction NOW.