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An Irrawaddy dolphin's head above the water

The Mekong River means life: stop the Don Sahong Dam

99,369 supporters

The future of the Mekong River’s ecosystem and her people are in jeopardy, as plans to build the Don Sahong Dam – the second dam on the Lower Mekong mainstream – rapidly progress. Call on Mekong Prime Ministers to stop the potentially disastrous project.

The Woodlark cuscus, a nocturnal marsupial

Stop the chainsaws: save the home of the Woodlark cuscus

122,141 supporters

This charming creature is the Woodlark cuscus, a marsupial that lives on Woodlark Island, a small tropical paradise off Papua New Guinea. The cuscus' sole habitat is in grave danger – please speak out to stop their forests from being felled for lumber and patio furniture.

Deforested area in the Philippine island of Palawan

The Philippines: stop the palm oil rush in Palawan

93,973 supporters

The proposal to convert further 8 million hectares of Philippine soil into oil palm plantations made headlines across the country and shed a harsh light on how Philippine authorities imagine their country's development. Call on the Governor of Palawan to save the Palawan Man & Biosphere Reserve!

A tar sand strip mine in Alberta, Canada

Stop deforestation for tar sand oil: Say no to CETA

247,671 supporters

Vast swathes of land are being devastated and rivers polluted for Canadian tar sand crude – the world’s dirtiest oil. While tar sand oil is currently banned in the EU, the oil industry will force open Europe’s door if the CETA trade agreement is ratified. Speak out against CETA!

Portrait of a monkey with forested hills in the background

A deathtrap for wildlife: stop Thailand’s forest highway

72,490 supporters

Most of Thailand’s forests have vanished over the past decades. And now, the government is planning to clear a broad swathe through a UNESCO World Heritage Site to expand a highway. Tell Thailand to protect its few remaining forests rather than sacrificing them for roads.

A monarch butterfly feeding on milkweed nectar.

Monsanto vs. monarchs – millions of butterflies disappearing

78,980 supporters

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles to their winter homes in Mexico. Recently, their numbers have plunged by 90 percent: herbicides tailored to Monsanto’s GE crops are driving the iconic butterfly to extinction. Please join us in calling for the monarch’s protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Maxima Acuña smiles and raises her right fist. Other farmers and the Blue Lagoon can be seen in the background.

Peru: Máxima vs. the U.S. mining conglomerate

120,104 supporters

On the 5th of August, Máxima Acuña, a Peruvian small farmer, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Her “crime”: refusing to give up her family’s small farm to make way for a gold mine. Please join us in speaking out against this blatant injustice.

Cloud forest and spectacled bear

Ecuador: trashing a cloud forest for copper?

105,839 supporters

Codelco, a company owned by the Chilean state, wants to mine for copper in Ecuador’s rainforest – bad news for nature, biodiversity and water resources. We can’t let this happen. Please lend your voice to our petition.

A man wearing a Brimob logo and an assault rifle on his back in front of bulldozed rainforest

Indonesia: another senseless killing for palm oil

47,223 supporters

Ajak Sismanto only wanted to visit his family – and was killed by a police bullet on the grounds of a palm oil mill. Palm oil companies in Indonesia often hire soldiers and police to guard their plantations, and our Indonesian partners are calling for an end to their violence against local communities. Please lend them your voice.

Members of the Avá Guaraní community dance amid the ruins of their temple

The Avá Guaraní have a right to their land!

76,758 supporters

The Avá Guaraní have been driven from their ancestral land twice in recent weeks by the juggernaut of intensive livestock farming and industrial soy cultivation. Please support the Y’apo community and call on the Paraguayan government to stop the deforestation of their homeland.

A rugged, forested valley in southern France

E.On threatens North American and French forests

226,230 supporters

E.On's plans to convert an old coal power plant to biomass is threatening forests across North America and France. Environmentalists, community groups and local authorities are fighting to stop the power company and protect forests from clearcutting. Please support them by signing our petition.

A Brazilian three-banded armadillo rolls itself into a ball.

The World Cup mascot armadillo needs our help

74,634 supporters

The Brazilian three-banded armadillo was chosen as the World Cup mascot. But outside the stadiums, it is facing extinction. Please sign our petition and tell the Brazilian government to protect Fuleco’s habitat!

A bee on a flower

Red alert for bees: support the EU pesticide ban

208,439 supporters

Bees are crucial to our food system, and dramatic colony collapses caused by pesticides led the EU to prohibit several Bayer, BASF and Syngenta products. The corporations are now striking back and suing the EU. Please call on the manufacturers to respect the ban.

Members of the Jogbahn Clan

Liberia: land grabbing for palm oil? NO means NO!

72,529 supporters

The Jogbahn Clan in Liberia is fighting to keep the palm oil company EPO from clearing its land without permission. Add your voice to our petition to tell EPO that the world is watching. NO means NO!

A can and a bottle of Pepsi, with a rainforest clearing in the background

PepsiCo: trashing rainforests for 450,000 tons of palm oil a year

125,617 supporters

Pepsi's slogan Live for Now perfectly reflects how the company treats the planet – without the slightest regard for tomorrow. But we have the power to change that. Tell PepsiCo to get deforestation out of its snack foods!

A monk has draped a tree trunk with orange cloth and is marking its location on a map.

The fight for Areng Valley goes on

110,114 supporters

For the past two years, the people of Areng Valley in Cambodia have struggled to protect their home against a planned dam. While their staunch opposition led Prime Minister Hun Sen to postpone the final decision until 2018, feasibility studies for the project are continuing. Please lend your voice to the defenders of the forest.

Mr. Clean standing with his arms crossed in front of a cleared forest

P&G pledges to protect the forest – once it’s gone

87,609 supporters

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is the corporation behind brands like Mr. Clean, Head & Shoulders, Gillette and Oil of Olay. It has pledged to use only deforestation-free palm oil – as of 2020. Please speak out and tell P&G that 2020 is too late – the remaining forest will be gone by then!

A sea turtle with a scrap of plastic hanging from its beak

Ban plastic bags in the EU

164,682 supporters

Eight billion plastic bags end up as litter every year in Europe alone. They are not only a blight on the countryside and seas – they can be deadly for seabirds, seals, sea turtles, whales and other marine life. Please sign our petition calling for a ban of plastic bags in the EU.

A Balkan lynx in the forest

The lynx does not want a dam!

99,921 supporters

One of the oldest national parks in Europe is under attack. Macedonia intends to build two large hydropower plants in the habitat of the last remaining population of the Balkan lynx. If the projects go ahead as foreseen, it may go extinct. Call on the banks and the Macedonian Prime Minister to scrap the projects!

A man dwarfed by the roots of a giant tree

The clock is ticking for Tasmania's ancient forests

132,641 supporters

Tasmania’s forests are home to some of the tallest trees in the world. With its unique landscape and archaeological sites, nearly a quarter of the island has been put under UNESCO protection, yet the government wants to strip 74,000 hectares of that land of its world heritage status. Take a stand against Prime Minister Abbott’s plans.

Freshly cleared rainforest. The Deutsche Bank logo is superimposed on the picture.

Indonesia: Deutsche Bank finances deforestation

91,467 supporters

Indonesian palm oil producer Bumitama Agri considers itself to be above the law. The company runs two illegal plantations, is clearing forest for more, and has broken promises to put an end to its illicit practices. Deutsche Bank is among its financiers. Please call on Deutsche Bank’s co-CEOs to stop financing plantations.

Gorilla mother with baby in her arms in the Virunga Rainforest

Virunga: drilling for oil in gorilla country?

68,109 supporters

The beauty of Lake Edward is unique: its banks are lined with lush rainforest, and the volcano range of Virunga National Park rises from the lowlands. But the home of the mountain gorillas in Congo is under threat by SOCO International, an oil company that intends to drill there. Please call on SOCO to cancel its project.

The corpse of a man lies on the floor. His head is not visible. Handcuffs are attached to one wrist and his feet are bound.

Land grabbing for biofuels gets lethal

74,497 supporters

The EU’s push toward "green" biofuels has claimed new victims in a plantation owned by Asiatic Persada, a palm oil company in Indonesia. Our local partner came to the aid of five gravely wounded locals and documented the slaying of a village chief. Please speak out against the EU's tragically misguided biofuels policies!

Brazil: trading nature for eucalyptus?

69,549 supporters

Maned wolves, rheas, tapirs – the Cerrado is the home of many rare species. The savannah in Brazil’s heartland is also home to indigenous communities and small farms. Yet the Cerrado is threatened by industrial soy farming, cattle, and now, eucalyptus plantations. Please call on the Brazilian authorities to prevent further destruction.

Nasako Besingi. In the background: rainforest cleared for palm oil seedlings

Environmentalists in Cameroon need your support!

80,635 supporters

“They may threaten and sue us, but the palm oil company is not going to stop our struggle for nature,” writes Nasako Besingi from Cameroon. The environmentalist will be on trial in March for defending rainforest land against Herakles Farms, a U.S.-based palm oil company. Please take a stand against Herakles Farms.

Two nuzzling elephants are facing each other in the savannah

Help rescue Tanzania’s elephants

85,956 supporters

10 years ago, around 75,000 elephants roamed Selous – Africa’s second biggest population. Now, there are only 13,000 left. Lack of political will, business projects and mining threaten the nature reserves and the country’s future. Please sign our petition and tell the Tanzanian government to take vigorous action to protect its wildlife.