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An Irrawaddy dolphin's head above the water

The Mekong River means life: stop the Don Sahong Dam

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Deforested area in the Philippine island of Palawan

The Philippines: stop the palm oil rush in Palawan

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A tar sand strip mine in Alberta, Canada

Stop deforestation for tar sand oil: Say no to CETA

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Portrait of a monkey with forested hills in the background

A deathtrap for wildlife: stop Thailand’s forest highway

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A monarch butterfly feeding on milkweed nectar.

Monsanto vs. monarchs – millions of butterflies disappearing

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Maxima Acuña smiles and raises her right fist. Other farmers and the Blue Lagoon can be seen in the background.

Peru: Máxima vs. the U.S. mining conglomerate

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Cloud forest and spectacled bear

Ecuador: trashing a cloud forest for copper?

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A man wearing a Brimob logo and an assault rifle on his back in front of bulldozed rainforest

Indonesia: another senseless killing for palm oil

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Members of the Avá Guaraní community dance amid the ruins of their temple

The Avá Guaraní have a right to their land!

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A rugged, forested valley in southern France

E.On threatens North American and French forests

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A Brazilian three-banded armadillo rolls itself into a ball.

The World Cup mascot armadillo needs our help

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A bee on a flower

Red alert for bees: support the EU pesticide ban

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Members of the Jogbahn Clan

Liberia: land grabbing for palm oil? NO means NO!

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A can and a bottle of Pepsi, with a rainforest clearing in the background

PepsiCo: trashing rainforests for 450,000 tons of palm oil a year

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A monk has draped a tree trunk with orange cloth and is marking its location on a map.

The fight for Areng Valley goes on

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Mr. Clean standing with his arms crossed in front of a cleared forest

P&G pledges to protect the forest – once it’s gone

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A sea turtle with a scrap of plastic hanging from its beak

Ban plastic bags in the EU

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A Balkan lynx in the forest

The lynx does not want a dam!

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A man dwarfed by the roots of a giant tree

The clock is ticking for Tasmania's ancient forests

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Freshly cleared rainforest. The Deutsche Bank logo is superimposed on the picture.

Indonesia: Deutsche Bank finances deforestation

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Gorilla mother with baby in her arms in the Virunga Rainforest

Virunga: drilling for oil in gorilla country?

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The corpse of a man lies on the floor. His head is not visible. Handcuffs are attached to one wrist and his feet are bound.

Land grabbing for biofuels gets lethal

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Brazil: trading nature for eucalyptus?

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Nasako Besingi. In the background: rainforest cleared for palm oil seedlings

Environmentalists in Cameroon need your support!

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Two nuzzling elephants are facing each other in the savannah

Help rescue Tanzania’s elephants

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