Indigenous Ka'apor people – children, women and men – join hands and form a circle in the rainforest

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Brazil: The Ka'apor people need our support!

The Ka'apor are seeking international support in defending their recognized ancestral rainforest territory, Alto Turiaçu, from loggers, land speculators and prospectors.

An indigenous woman adorned with a feathered crown in front of two other indigenous people

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Brazil: Stop Bolsonaro's new assault on the Amazon rainforest!

Please help avert a new assault on the indigenous people and their protected areas in the Amazon. Say NO to mining and hydroelectric power plants in the rainforest!

Protesting indigenous women in Brazil

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Prosecute Brazilian President Bolsonaro for genocide!

Human rights activists are calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Brazilian President Bolsonaro for inciting genocide.

Montage of miners in Congo and electric vehicle

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Electric vehicles are stealth rainforest killers!

Electric vehicles are stealth rainforest killers: the production of "clean" electric cars takes vast amounts of raw materials that are often mined in rainforest areas.

Jaguar in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

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Stop the looming massacre of Brazilian wildlife!

Lobbyists are pushing to legalize hunting in Brazil – even in nature reserves. Please help stop a hunting bill submitted to the Brazilian National Congress.

Cattle herd in Mato Grosso

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Protect Amazonia – NO to the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement!

A free trade agreement between the EU and Mercosur would incentivize environmental crimes in South America. We need to stop its ratification!

Indigenous Mundurukú people protesting the planned construction of a dam on the Tapajos river in Brazil

Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Liberia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Poland

Fighting the good fight – with your support

Does our work make a difference? Yes, together with our hard-working partners and the international pressure generated by your signatures, we’re scoring real successes.

Black howler monkey (Alouatta carayá)  with text "Success!"


Brazil: monkeys can breathe easier

Thanks to an international outcry, Netflix is no longer spreading false information about yellow fever and howler monkeys that prompted the wholesale killing of monkeys.

Rainforest in the mist with superimposed SAVED stamp


47,000 km² Amazon rainforest reserve safe!

Facing furious protests, Brazilian President Temer retracted his decree abolishing the protection of a swathe of Amazon rainforest the size of Denmark.

Indigenous Mundurukú people protesting

Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Liberia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru

Our successes, thanks to your support!

Does our work make a difference? Absolutely! International awareness has a major impact on the struggles of our partners on the ground.

Mundurukú people protesting the Tapajós dam


Brazil: environmentalists stop dam on the Tapajós river

The tenacity of the indigenous Mundurukú and a wave of international support paid off in the end: the Tapajós megadam project has been scrapped.

Indigenous Ka'apor standing in a double row in front of two huts in the forest


Brazil: Help the indigenous Ka'apor defend the Amazon rainforest

Please donate to help Brazil's indigenous Ka'apor mount an effective defense against encroachment and keep their ancestral forest safe.