A swathe of forest is being cleared for the superhighway

Aug 2, 2016

Nigerian police harass Goldman Prize-winning conservationist

Nigeria’s police is stepping up its efforts to intimidate opponents of the planned superhighway through Ekuri Forest. “I am more resolved than ever,” says Odigha, leader of the coalition resisting the project, after enduring hours of interrogation in police custody.

An African pangolin

Jun 30, 2016

Scales of more than 1,000 poached pangolins found

Hong Kong customs officials made a gruesome discovery onboard an incoming freighter: four tons of pangolin scales. As traditional Chinese “medicine”, the shipment would have had a street value of $1.25 million. A Rainforest Rescue petition is calling on the Chinese government to strengthen protection for pangolins.

Matek (SADIA) with indigenous people at an illegal logging site

Jun 27, 2016

Activists in danger after killing in Malaysia

Land rights activist Bill Kayong was killed in a drive-by shooting in broad daylight in Sarawak on June 21. “His death has sent shockwaves across the state,” writes Matek Geram, our Malaysian partner. Matek has also received threats.

A Rainforest Rescue activist in the embassy of Sierra Leone

Jun 16, 2016

Justice for the people of Sierra Leone

The NGOs Green Scenery and Rainforest Rescue delivered a petition with 120,000 signatures to the government of Sierra Leone today in a coordinated action. The petition is protesting the government's complicity with major investors in wholesale land grabbing for industrial plantations and the imprisonment of smallholders standing up for their land rights.

A pangolin in the forest

Feb 16, 2016

World Pangolin Day events in Berlin and Leipzig

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world – demand for its meat and scales could drive it to extinction in a few short years. Join us in taking action to protect them on World Pangolin Day.